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Hello… I have got a farm house in my backyard which was used a horse stable earlier. I’m thinking of getting it remodeled into an outdoor kitchen probably before next summer. I want to maintain the farmhouse style, have refrigerated drawers, portable grills and built-in cabinets. While browsing for kitchen remodeling, I read several blogs that articulated many ideas and concepts. I'm not sure how far this would work. I request your valuable ideas and suggestions on how to improvise and customize the outdoor kitchen while maintaining the farmhouse style.

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Please tell me a good company for the manufacture of windows. My old house is just ugly windows. My child cannot sleep, my husband is nervous.

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To build a house

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Подскажите пожалуйста хорошую компанию по изготовлению окон. В моем старом доме просто уродливые окна. Мой ребенок не может спать, мой муж нервничает.

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How much do you need for your car wash? Here's the facts: A typical garden hose connected to a car wash pump can pump out up to 10 gallons per minute making a car wash possible. Not too dissimilar to a high powered, in-bay, or conveyor belt electric car wash machine that can use up to 85 or 90 gallons of hot water per car. This is why car wash machines are typically rated in gallons used per minute or gallons used per hour.Car wash equipment can be expensive depending on brand and model but as a rule of thumb buying an automatic car wash machine is cheaper than purchasing a manual one. The reason it is cheaper is because an automatic car wash machine takes less time. With a manual car wash machine, there is a need to add lukewarm water and make sure the detergent is fully dissolved before the car wash begins. For automatic bay washing systems, all it takes is simply set up and push a button. The machine does the rest.If you want a better, faster car wash experience, you should consider purchasing a high-end automatic car wash machine. These systems not only make washing cars faster and easier, they also provide a full-service car wash experience for added convenience. Instead of having to pre-heat the car wash machine and add detergent, foam, and other additives, washing a car in a full-service car wash machine allows you to fill the tank up with water, push a button, and have the machine do the dirty work. In addition, a full-service car wash machine will include added features such as auto shut off, separate nozzle sprayer, timer, and more to ensure a complete cleaning process. For the car wash industry, these are definitely worth the investment.Website:https://www.okocarwash.com/

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td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}What kind of yard decorations can I use in general? Interested in inexpensive, harmless, and beautiful ones. I moved in not too long ago, I want to get some beauty ;)

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HiIf anyone is looking for an experienced, mature, fun Swedish, couple to look after their property / pets, on a short / long term basis, we'd love to hear from you. Excellent French / US / US / Swedish / South African references + pics + more information about who we are, on receipt of PM.Currently, we live in Gloucestershire but having no children / pets, we're available to travel anywhereHope to hear from someone.

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I have got wooden windows at home and I have problems of condensation. I leave my windows open to allow air circulation and prevent mold formation. I even take off my interior screens to avoid moisture retention but still I can find my windows condensing. Is it time to get my windows replaced or is there any alternative DIY remedy? My friend suggested me to run a dehumidifier. Suggestions invited...

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Does anyone know of a garden club or similar where an English lady can interact? Preferably in Zona Norte.

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Has anybody started an organic garden in their home? How can I make the most of a small plot of ground to grow vegetables?

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I'm wanting to grow vegetables at home but don't know where to start. What should I buy in this season, how much space do I need? Sun, shade? Is there any group I can join on the Internet? Tks.

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Looking for shrubs to cover the front fence of my house. Any suggestions? I want it to be thick and to grow quickly so I don't have to put any canvas or metal cover.

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I read the other day the fruit of the paraiso tree you find these days on the ground is highly toxic for humans and all mammals. Shouldn't there be warning messages around, thinking especially of young kids?

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Does anybody know how to prepare tilo seeds to make tilo tea? I have a couple of trees in front of my house and would love to make use of them for this.

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What is you favourite tree in Buenos Aires, and why?

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We are needing to replace two trees in the front of our home, and want a nice one, not too big nor messy. Any recommendations?

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Any garden groups in Hurlingham or nearby, English-speaking preferably?

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Wouldn't it be good to have garden contests, in different categories, from the most simple to the most elaborate, to stimulate garden care? Here's an idea I give out for free!

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Somebody asked about information on birds in Buenos Aires on the forum and a very good page appeared. Anything on trees in this city?

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I would like to buy organically grown plants from seed, decorative and vegetables, for a small lot of land I have at home. Are there organic nurseries where I can find these?

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