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Does anybody know where I can find good, reliable information on birds in Buenos Aires? Doesn't need to be in English.

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What are the pro's and con's for having a cat or a dog? Why are people such fans of one or the other in  general?

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Isn't it cruel to keep birds in cages? I mean, they were meant to fly, weren't they? What am I missing?

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Any suggestions to keep pets from suffering from fireworks? Should they be kept inside, given something to tranquilize them?

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Any good vet to recommend near San Isidro for my cat?

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I see there is a great variety of birds not only among the trees and green parts of the city but also on buildings, sidewalks. Anybody expert enough to tell me what they are, what should I look for, curiosities?

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Has anyone noticed the amount of dog droppings in Belgrano... impossible not to step on one. Isn't there a law making people pick up their dogs' mess?

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