Dogs or cats?

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What are the pro's and con's for having a cat or a dog? Why are people such fans of one or the other in  general?


Nelly-Tak 1357638468

Dogs and dogs for me! They are much more loyal and interesting than cats. There is so much you can train them to do, so many differences of character that make them much more "human-like" I have always had dogs and tend to associate with dog-lovers too (no cat-lovers)

Xanne-Matthew-871988 1478230658

I love dogs and cats both... They always remain loyal and the love and gratitude that they show in return in their own nature is something words can never explain. Cat fur is highly dangerous and can cause diseases like asthma. Dogs especially can be tamed to be smarter than a human... It's nice having them around. They just join you in whatever you do.

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