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Hi, we’re going as a whole family on a trip to France, does anyone know where to stay on a weekend in Paris?

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Hi Expats!  I recently did a really cool "day trip" to Pilar to learn Polo and had SO much fun - it's a really well run program (called ArgentinaPoloDay) and really affordable and full of an awesome staff. I would love to find some more expats to join and/or  keep playing with - I'm still very much a beginner but am dying to get back out there and would love to see some more foreigners join :) Highly recommend this spot as well for anyone looking for a fun day trip or a cool activity to take some visiting friends too - you (obviously) don't need to come with any skills! 

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Hi, Im travelling from Australia with my girlfriend in March 2016 to compete in the Buenos Aires Half Ironman Triathlon and would like to know if there is anywhere I can hire 2 x road racing bicycles so we can compete in the event without having to bring our own bicylce over as we plan to travel around after the event. Thanks Marty

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Would it be better not to expose Messi against Colombia and Ecuador in June? Could we win anyway or get most of the points towards qualifying for the World Cup? 

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Wow! 27 years and 38 titles for Sir Alex Ferguson! There appears to be some value in continuity.

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Another derby today. My guess: Barcelona 2 - Real Madrid 1. Any bets?

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Who will be the next football champion in Argentina? Will River and Boca be the top 2 again with the arrival of Bianchi and Ramón?

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Does anybody think Messi won't win the Balón de Oro today? 

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Again another game interrupted by violence yesterday. Somebody (many people) don't want this to stop and benefit from this situation. I have no doubt about this. The question is if they are more powerful than the vast majority who want peace. So far, they are.

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I can't understand who and why invented this ridiculous points and promotion system in Argentine football, where you have to have a calculator with you to see what is your "promedio" more than the actual points you have. I mean, if in Spain, Italy, France, England, Germany, and so many other places it is as simple as one long championship, the first is champion and the last goes down, why change here? And doesn't it have a lot to do with the appalling quality of the game? Is anybody winning here, not the spectator?

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I hear some are saying Radamel Falcao should win the player of the year award. Would this be fair, maybe to break the monotony of Messi who is clearly the best and getting better every year? Apart from that, a great guy, a good sportsman, clean player. Maybe the attitude is, if Messi is going to win so many, why not give somebody else a chance? Just thoughts...

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Any good places for fishing not too far from Buenos Aires? Not professional, just for enjoyment.

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Good game, but the All Blacks always pile the pressure in the last minutes. A very good experience, and a lot to learn.

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Who will win the best football player of Europe award? I would like Messi to win it, but I think it will be Iniesta

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Any forecasts for tomorrow's match?

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Saw the 3-2 victory of Barcelona over Real Madrid. History seems to repeat itself.

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As always, the Pumas show real passion when singing the national anthem. Regarding the Springboks, I learnt the South Africa hymn is in 5 languages, quite a feat in showing diversity in unity!

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Wonderful 40 seconds, to be seen in slow motion to appreciate it really.

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Very happy for this humble sportsman, Sebastián Crismanich, gold in taekwondo. May he be an example for many.

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I think they played well but were surpassed by the Dutch teamwork. Excellent performance anyway!

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