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Hi Expats!  I recently did a really cool "day trip" to Pilar to learn Polo and had SO much fun - it's a really well run program (called ArgentinaPoloDay) and really affordable and full of an awesome staff. I would love to find some more expats to join and/or  keep playing with - I'm still very much a beginner but am dying to get back out there and would love to see some more foreigners join :) Highly recommend this spot as well for anyone looking for a fun day trip or a cool activity to take some visiting friends too - you (obviously) don't need to come with any skills! 


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Hi there!

I am relocating to Buenos Aires at the end of January and I am VERY keen to try polo. As an Englishman I feel that if I don't, HM The Queen may bar me from reentering the UK.

Can you advise how much it costs and how long it takes to travel to the site from central BA? My apartment is in Caballito.



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the argentina polo day place is only 45 minutes from the city. 

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