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Any good places for fishing not too far from Buenos Aires? Not professional, just for enjoyment.


samantha486 1331059836

A good place is San Pedro, around 150 km north of Buenos Aires, on the Parana river. Plenty of camping spots too.

alecfield 1331299470

I see people fishing along the Costanera, especially in a pier in front of the airport. 1350912714

Hi, if you have a car, I would recommend you cross Zarate Brazo Largo  bridge, once you get over the second bridge, where the police control is, you turn left and drive to the river side.  Infrastructure is acceptable and fishing OK.  By the way, there are many fishing spots around that area, it is not the only one.  Good luck!!

jekyllpointer 1351879834

Thanks for the tip. Now I have to find the time!!

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