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Glad he got a medal after the marathon game with Federer the other day. Well deserved!

started by: tripoli-78 · last update: 1344107925 · posted: 1344001155

I got to see the last part of it. What a pity Federer was on such a great service today!

started by: martagonz · last update: 1343757978 · posted: 1343558878

I watched the handball match against Iceland early this morning. What a fascinating sport, full of excitement! And what a goalie in front! But an excellent debut for our team.

started by: samantha486 · last update: 1343149555 · posted: 1342608899

What will happen with the new football season in August? Who will win?

started by: 4evergood · last update: 1343038819 · posted: 1342904379

What would be our rational expectations in the Olympics? How many medals?

started by: 1810-Argentina · last update: 1342443083 · posted: 1342105483

Why do they continue hiring him? Is it only because of his name? One of the best players ever, not a good trainer.

started by: themorningstar · last update: 1342351382 · posted: 1342290548

Anybody knows if the Pumas will be playing in Buenos Aires anytime this year? I'd love to see them playing in front of their crowd.

started by: 1810-Argentina · last update: 1341477638 · posted: 1341423116

Great final today. Boca favourite on history, Corinthians will want to win their first final, at home! Any bets? Mine is Corinthians 2-1, normal time. Let's see what happens.

started by: ABCris · last update: 1340899459 · posted: 1340479817

A long year of suffering has come to an end. We're back! Let's hope the lesson is learnt and we'll never go this way again. Let's get a competitive team back together, win some championships...

started by: oscar88 · last update: 1340189230 · posted: 1340110148

I have never seen this level of tension in the main football tournaments, both in First Division and now in Second Division, with mutliple options to go up and down, many affecting top clubs. Shouldn't we go back to the siimple system whereby the top two go up and the bottom two go down, regardless of who they happen to be?

started by: CrIsPlAiD · last update: 1340130707 · posted: 1340014470

Was it right or exaggerated to disqualify Nalbandian yesterday at Queen's? If the box hadn't come apart injuring the umpire, would he have received a warning and maybe won the tournament? I'm not too sure if he deserved such a strong punishment.

started by: 1810-Argentina · last update: 1339956460 · posted: 1338662387

Any bets on Argentina-Ecuador in a few moments? Will Messi finally shine in his own country and squad? My hunch is 3-0 Argentina and yes, finally!

started by: Z23Michael · last update: 1338410415 · posted: 1338410415

Any good minigolf courses near downtown anyone can recommend?

started by: susanknight · last update: 1338054974 · posted: 1338049656

Did Argentina qualify for the Olympics in women's hockey?

started by: sara2run · last update: 1337698660 · posted: 1337698660

I have started fishing at night in Costanera. Quite an experience, many people, safe and not too far from home. Many kids, young people and sometimes I get to see the wonderful sunrise. Fishing fans should try it!

started by: elsie-morgan9 · last update: 1337257726 · posted: 1337083459

One of the most exciting games ever, with goals overtime when everything seemed lost. Brilliant Aguero, cold-blooded when most would have hit the goalie, the posts or the stars. Good example by the 3 Argentinians. The field flooded by fans... and then cleared upon request. Unforgettable!

started by: oklahoma66 · last update: 1337028755 · posted: 1336564107

I'm wanting to prepare for the 21k marathon in September. Any trainers someone can recommend, or group to train together. This is my first time.

started by: CrIsPlAiD · last update: 1330789826 · posted: 1330789826

Does anyone know when the rugby season starts? Where can I watch a good match today?

started by: ABCris · last update: 1330340473 · posted: 1330340473

Anybody going to London Olmpics from Buenos Aires? Competing, spectator? Please get in touch.

started by: sun82desert · last update: 1329755198 · posted: 1328807347

I'd like to watch a Polo match or training - professional or not - while staying in Buenos Aires for the rest of February. Is this possible?

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