Blogs: Living in Bulgaria

A New Life in Bulgaria
The story of a couples journey from Menorca to Bulgaria by land and sea and how they got sorted when they arrived in Bulgaria. Topics ranging from organised crime to gardening, uniforms and customs, the Kukeri festival and living in Elhovo.
Up to date information and tips for living in Bulgaria. House exchanges, advice and help with problems in Bulgaria. The TravelBug Blog.
And Jake Makes 3
A journal about John and Angelas car journey across Europe from England to Bulgaria. See the route, costs and info, video clips and diary.
Survival Bulgaria
All you need to know and beware of for your life in Bulgaria.
Donkeywhisperers Blog
Living in Elhovo and telling the experience of day to day life. Information about heating your home, gas or electric, and tips on how to keep your home warm and cosy. Elhovo New Year celebrations, Christmas time, cooking tips and internet access.
An Aussie in Bulgaria
The adventures of an Australian in Bulgaria.
Livebulgarias Blog
Building and renovation work in Bulgaria, facts on buying a house, information before you buy, investing in Bulgaria, smallholdings, tradition and culture, useful information, useful numbers and frequently asked questions.
Yambol Daily Picture
An expats view of life in Yambol.
Cherkovo, Karnobat
Regularly updated blog all about living in Cherkovo and the immediate area. News and weather, photo gallery, forum, property, location and articles. Book promotions by local water colour artist Martin Stephenson.
Bulgarian Life
Website to help and assist expats either living in Bulgaria or thinking of relocating here. Helpful tips on buying a home, how to re-register your company and even how to buy your wood. Videos and photos of places of interest and a forum.
Online meeting place for expats in Bulgaria. Information on living and working in the country.
A Bulgarian Life
An expats experience of purchasing, renovating and moving into their home in Bulgaria. Topics on bee keeping, the Bulgarian language, maritime museum, Varna park, the weather, sun, sea and sand.
Karolinka in & around Bulgaria
The life of an American in Bulgaria. No time to cook so learn how to preserve foods in Bulgaria, Moussaka or Musaka, Bulgarian Lentil soup, living in Sofia and having fun.
Our Move to Bulgaria
A couples insight into buying a house, renovating it and living in Bulgaria. The trials and tribulations of everyday life in another country. Their story starts in 2009.
Ellis & Jodies Bulgarian Adventure
A colourful, cultural depiction of life in Bulgaria and travel around the Balkans. Bulgarian food, potpourri, cats of Bulgaria, culture, holidays, places in Bulgaria featuring, Balchik, Kaliakra and Nessebar.
Ruff Guide to Bulgaria
Information site for places to visit in Bulgaria, the language, holidays, eating out and cooking, travel book store, rambling, whats on, local and world news. Online images, wildlife and nature in Bulgaria.
Srebarna Birding
Information about the environmental project centre Srebarna Biosphere Reserve in North East Bulgaria. Activities include bird monitoring and working closely with other conservation organisations.
In Bulgaria
How to make goat cheese, sirene, how to make cider, red wine and cheese bread. Many tips and tricks on how to be self sufficient in Bulgaria.
A Brit in Bulgaria
Uncle Bulgarias blog. A blog by a British expat living and working in Bulgaria, but not exclusively about Bulgaria. A forum to discuss happenings here and in the UK.
The Gud Life
Self reliant living in Southern Bulgaria. Living the Gud life. Beekeeping, home brew, seed planting and tree shop. How to store and preserve at home. An entertaining insight to living in Bulgaria.
Bulgaria Travel Blog
Information site about Bulgaria with links to travel experiences.
Back in Bulgaria
A selection of photographs, videos, and short stories from Bulgaria.
Blue Bulgaria
An insight to the culture of Bulgaria with pictures and videos.
A lighthearted and true account of a British ex-pat family trying to live a new life in Bulgaria. Detailed descriptions of events throughout the year including waiting for the storks, gardening, Bulgarian holidays.
My rural Bulgaria
Website giving information about living in North East Bulgaria. The areas of discussion include Valchi Dol, Dobrich and Silistra. You can also find information on food and drink, currency, property management, property rentals and airport transfers.
Photos of Bulgarian nature
Darren lives in General Inzovo on the outskirts of Yambol. He has posted over 600 photos of birds, including storks and birds of prey, insects, animals and plants mainly within a three village radius of Inzovo.