Clubs & Associations

Disabled Association - Varna
To help people with disabilities regardless of the disease, the cause and extend, age, gender etc. living in the city. Information and advice on activities at various institutions, other NGOs and for services you need. Website in Bulgarian.
Society of Burgas Artists
Owned by the Company of Burgas artists. Enjoy the work of famous artists from Burgas and explore future exhibitions. List of artists and paintings for sale. Aleksandrovska No.22. Burgas. Website in Bulgarian.
Safe Haven Bulgaria Foundation
Not for profit organisation promoting greener lifestyles in Bulgaria. Passive houses using renewable energy sources, information regarding geothermal, biofuels, wind and solar energy and energy efficiency. Varna.
Bourgas Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Protecting the business rights of members within the boundaries of Burgas region.
Bulgarian Association of plastic, reconstructive and aesthet...
The association has an ethical code procedure for plastic surgery. On the website you can find a plastic surgeon, see the frequently asked questions, procedures, news and events.
Bulgarian Red Cross Youth
BRCY volunteers range from ages 14-30 and work in the area of aids prevention, the battle against drugs, first aid and youth projects at national and international levels. Bratia Shkorpil Str. Varna 9000. Meetings every Wednesday at 19:30.
Bulgarian Red Cross
Charity Organisation. News, get involved, volunteer, activities, fundraising, projects, school bases and photo gallery. National funds for supporting children - victims of traffic accidents and other disasters. Home care services and age awareness.
The Eagles Motorcycle Club
Formed in August 2006 by a group of enthusiasts. On the website, forthcoming events, news, membership and gallery. 22 Dobrotitza Complex, Entr V. Apt 11, 9300 Dobrich.
Regional Agency for Entrepreneurship and Innovations - Varna
NGO for stimulating regional economy. Support to emerging and existing high tech SMEs. To create a high tech park, to create conditions for attracting local and foreign investors.
Bulgarian Association of People Insured and Victims in Car A...
Members of the European Road Safety Charter. Help for people injured in a crash, whether passenger, pedestrian or driver. Advice on filing a claim for damages, loss and medical expenses. Free advice on legal rights.
Greener Bourgas Foundation
Promoting awareness for nature conservation and development on a local, national and international level. 24 Sheinovo St Bourgas.
Bulgarian Bowling Federation
News about bowling competitions, about the federation, clubs, records, forum and gallery. Website in Bulgarian.
Independent Ecological and Social Inspection
Non-profit organisation (IESI) is a group of volunteers and experts with the aim of protecting nature and ecology. Eco projects, protection of nature resources, social integration of disabled people and protection of the unemployed. Varna.
Dimcho Debelianov Orphanage Bulgaria
Charity organisation run by English couple Douglas & Bernadette Leggett. Helping not only the orphanages but other needy establishments with donations and gifts. Meet the team, make a donation, newsletters, blog, monthly updates.
Bulgarian Sommeliers and Wine Connoiseurs Association
To encourage the development of wine making and wine tasting in Bulgaria. Helping to solve issues with government bodies and institutions, to promote achievements and opportunities abroad. Courses, seminars and training. Varna.
Shumen Red Cross
Become a volunteer. First aid, community assistance, find a missing loved one, friend or relative.
Helping Hand Foundation
To support and help vulnerable groups of children, youths, elderly citizens and families. Social integration, material support and professional services for persons living in institutions, poor families or needy children. Dobrich.
An organisation involving many NGO companies. Collating information about the Black Sea with a number of metadata services and Data Access services which will make records easier to work with for organisations and the public.
Centre for social support for children and families at risk. Improving the quality of the medical and social services in the territory of Yambol municipality. Assistance for children with disabilities. 5 Lom Str, Yambol. Open Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00.
Foster Care in Bulgaria
National site for foster care throughout Bulgaria. To help children to be placed in a family environment rather than an institute. Guidelines on how to foster a child, procedure and support from the organisation. Working with Unicef.
Bulgarian Folk Music & Dance Association
14a R. Dimitriev Str. Varna 9000.
Adventure BG
NGO. Children and youth activities, hiking, water sports, skiing, cycling, calendar and projects. Club news, equipment and survival, interesting routes, sights, adventure, travelogues and weather. Varna. Website in Bulgarian.
Alternatives Association
An NGO etablished in Aytos, to help marginal groups, minorities, orphans, elderly people, disabled children and the unemployed to participate in social and economic activities. 2G Orlovo St. Aytos, 8500.
Business Centre Dobrich
NGO providing business services. Helping private businesses, large and small. Services for unemployed and vulnerable groups from the Dobrich and General Toshevo regions. Consulting, training and workshops, financial and information services. Dobrich.
Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds
A non-governmental and non-profit organisation working for the conservation of wild birds, their sites and habitats. Partner of BirdLife International. Regional offices in Varna and Burgas.
Jobs Opportunity through Business Support (JOBS)
Implemented by the Ministry of Labour, helping start-up businesses, job seekers and unemployed wishing to set up own business and disadvantaged groups on the labour market. Advice, training, information. Burgas,Dobrich,Elhovo,Shumen.
Bulgarian Association of Ship Brokers and Agents
For port information and customs rules for the Black Sea coastal area. 24 Stefan Stambolov St. Varna.
Varna Economic Development Agency (VEDA)
Not for profit, NGO association. Supports small and medium sized businesses in the Varna region with information, consultancy and training and also helps improve the local employment opportunities. PO Box 566 Varna 9000.
British-Bulgarian Friendship Society
Non political organisation to promote friendship between English and Bulgarian people. Organising special interest tours for folklore, ornithology, natural history and sightseeing. Regular birdwatching and natural history tours.
Dose of Love Association
Non Profit Organisation offering help and support for drug users and people at risk. Information, education and rehabilitation. Psychological support, HIV tests, prevention and harm reduction. Ongoing research studies for quality services. Burgas.
Union of Homeowners Associations in Bulgaria
Urban regeneration programmes, supporting homeowner associations in multi-storey apartment buildings, information and training in management and maintenance, renovation of apartment buildings. Energy efficiency programmes. Sofia, Shoumen and Burgas.
Mayday Foundation
NGO organising public awareness campaigns, courses, seminars, marine expeditions and holding public opinion surveys. 68 Bratia Miladinovi Str. Entr V-51, Varna 9000.
Commission for Consumer Protection
If you have a complaint regarding a product or service you have received in Bulgaria. Complaints can be sent via the electronic form on the website. News, administration, laws, work, anti-corruption and links.
Bulgarian National Consumer Association
Information on food, health and cosmetics, finance, sport and recreation, children, household, technology, services and Eco. Press releases and forum.
Association Little Prince
Non profit organisation to help children with disabilities. Physiological and physical therapy, speech aid, advice, leisure activities and relaxation. Age range from 3 to 18 years.Burgas. Website in Bulgarian.
Ombudsman of the Republic of Bulgaria
Every citizen (Bulgarian or foreign) may apply to the Ombudsman with a complaint or report against the work of: state and municipal authorities and their administrations, those who provide public services such as heating, telecommunications and water.
Black Sea Anchor Freemasonic Lodge
We are setting up an English speaking Masonic Lodge in Balchik with many Bulgarian members and would welcome existing brethren who are in communion with the English constitution. We welcome any interested new members.
Varna Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Defends the interests and rights of the cci business community in the Varna region.Organising of business meetings, seminars, fairs and exhibitions. Consultation to foreign business people in investment opportunities.135 Primorski Blvd, Varna 9002
Dance BG NGO
Non governmental association. Development of Bulgarian contemporary dance on national and international levels. Over 300 children aged from 5-25 are students in the school. Dance BG NGO 47 Gladstoun Str. Young Cultural Centre, Burgas 8000.
Tourist Society Rodni Balkani
NGO Established in 1991 to preserve the traditions of tourism using environmentally friendly activities. Editing, printing and distribution of tourist information, monthly amateur shows. Construction and maintenance of tourist huts. Varna.
Bulgarian-American Centre
Varna 9000.
Business Agency Association
Non-profit organisation with head office in Varna. The Association operates in three separate directions: Information centre for immigrants, Centre for social rehabilitation and integration and a Business centre. Presbyter Kozma 13 St, Varna.
Thrace Association Yambol
This patrionic association is a non-political organisation of the Bulgarian Thracian refugees and their descendants. It performs social, cultural and educational activities. 6 John Atanasoff St, Yambol.
UNESCO World Heritage Bulgaria
News and events, about the World Heritage, activities, publications, participate, resources. Cultural sites including Nessebar, national parks and nature reserves. Properties submitted on the tentative list.
Eco Varna
The environmental portal of Varna. Scope of work: Global warming, waste reduction, urban and green municipal development plans, dangerous foods, eco foods and eco tourism.
Archaeological and Environmental Protection Association TERA
The objectives of this association are to raise public awareness and improve public knowledge and education on the Bulgarian nature, culture and history. Exploration and classification of rare and endagered birds, reptiles and mammals. Burgas.
SOS Families in Risk Foundation - Varna
Stop violence against women organisation develops and implements care programs for women and children who have suffered domestic violence. Prevention of human trafficking. 32 Slavyanska Str. Varna.
Rotaract Varna-Euxinograd Club
Rotary-sponsored service club for young men and women ages 18 to 30. Types of activities: Professional development, Development of leadership skills and Projects in community service.
Black Sea Centre for Environmental Information and Education
NGO to improve the Black Sea environment by increasing public awareness, enhancing environmental knowledge and getting people involved in local decisions. Support of environmental programs in schools. 12 Tsar Kaloyan Str. Varna 9000.
Green Varna Civic Association
News, forum, illegal buildings information, green areas, sea garden, meetings, Directory of Varna municipality contacts, useful information and links.
Business Cluster Burgas
Non-profit organisation uniting leading companies from different sectors of the tourist industry around the Black Sea South Coast. Sharing between the members, market information, technology, clients, know-how and operative programs. Burgas.
Foundation Integration and Spiritual Development
Support for people from high risk groups, children, disabled, one parent families and the elderley. Health treatments, rehabilitation centre and a joint base for prophylaxis and health resort treatment. 15, Okolchitza Str. Varna 9000.
ICT Cluster Varna
Non-profit voluntry organisation performing activities in the field of Information, telecommunications and technology in the region of Varna. ICT integration and training, meetings, seminars, conferences and training courses.
Yambol Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Euro Info Centre 1, Rakovski Str. PO Box 291 Yambol 8600.
The Union of Bulgarian Black Sea Local Authorities UBBSLA
Non-governmental and non-profit organisation to support and stimulate regional economic development at local Black Sea municipalities. Organisation of meetings, processing of information, development of loca, regional and international projects. Varna.
Dobrich Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Non profit organisation with around 200 members, both private and state companies from the region of Dobrich. Assistance to individuals, companies and non members promoting local and international trade. PO Box 182, Dobrich 9300.
WWF In Bulgaria
Established in Bulgaria in 2006 as a registered organisation. Conservation activities include work on forest protection and sustainable forestry management (FSC). Protected areas, freshwater as well as agriculture and rural development.
Bulgarian Cancer Association
An organisation to help people cope with cancer and to help them find treatment in Bulgaria. Addresses on Oncology clinics, institutions, information about the illness and events. National telephone numbers.
British Council Bulgaria
Voluntary association to promote the learning of English and to strengthen educational co-operation between the UK and other countries. Encouraging Bulgarian artists to learn and experiment with UK art repertoire.
Shumen Chamber of Commerce and Industry
NGO non-profit organisation. Supporting development of private businesses, opportunities for local companies, promoting international trade within the Shumen locality. Organising business meetings, exhibitions, company presentations. 71 Saedinenie St.
NGO to promote public awareness to energy saving. Developing and managing programs and projects for energy efficiency and renewable energy resources. Environment protection and activities related to management of waste and the ecological treatment. Varna
Bulgarian Association of Transpersonal Psychology and Psycho...
Open for all people who share the values and goals to spread transpersonal ideas, theories and practices. Conferences, training and seminars, magazines, books and membership details. Varna.
Ministry of Health
Current health information for patients and specialists. Current projects, news and completed projects. Hotline, anti-corruption, conflict of interest check signals. Administrative services. Website in Bulgarian.
Association for International Cultural Management Sea Blue
Non profit, non governmental organisation providing seminars, consultancy services and management of cultural projects, work-shops, cultural events, trainings in the field of art, social and human sciences, foreign languages. Verna 9000.
Ecodive - Black Sea Divers
Non-governmental and not for profit organisation to support prevention of trawling in the Black Sea and to assist monitoring of coastal area pollution. Organisation of diving activities and surveys of underwater areas. Institute of Oceanology, Varna.
Youth Informational Volunteer Centre
Launch and support volunteering activities, publish training materials, articles and research relating to volunteer work. Recruitment and train young volunteers. Promotion of activites for the protection and preservation of the environment. Varna.
Sports Club Wonderful Rocks
Non profit organisation. Competitive sports with priority to children and young people including rock climbing, mountaineering, skiing, snowboard, kayak, diving, paragliding and archery. Website in Bulgarian.
Rotary Club Varna
The Rotary Club is run by business and professional leaders who volunteer in their communities and promote world understanding and peace. Humanitarian issues such as poverty, health, hunger, education and the environment. Open to everyone.
Varna Chamber of Tourism
Regional tourism organisation, combining more than 130 voluntary organisations in the hospitality industry. Member of the International Council of Tourism Partners (ICTP). Chaika 128, Varna 9005.
Bulgaria Property Action Group
Non profit support group for people who have off plan property problems in Bulgaria. Help, support and information. Buying advice,register a problem, see other case studies, legal matters, news letters and frequently asked questions.
Marine Club Friends of the Sea
NGO preserving the traditions and values of maritime culture. Promoting environmental awareness, Black Sea tourism and protecting the Black Sea environment. 68 Bratia Miladinovi Str Entr V-51 Varna 9000.
Chess BG
Internal chess events and open tournaments, clubs, news, calendar and gallery. Website in Bulgarian.
Tourist Association Ekos
Non governmental organisation in Bourgas, with own site for construction of scout camps. Can supply tents, sleeping bags and inflatable boats. The association members work with over 160 children. Ecological expeditions for schoolchildren. Burgas.
Bulgarian Drug Agency - Ministry of Health
Information for citizens. Warnings, medicines, pharmacies and administrative information. Registers, legal acts and useful links.