Days Out: Shumen

Pancho Vladigerov Museum Complex
An early 20th century baroque house commemorating a famous Bulgarian composer and pianist. The house is in a shady courtyard garden in the western section of ul Tsar Osvoboditel, no 26, Shumen.
Pliska National Historical and Archaeological Reserve
Capital of the first Bulgarian Empire dating back to VII to X century. Pagan temple , palace church, reservoir, baths, industrial and residential buildings and the remains of the impressive cathedral church, the Basilica. 30 Slave Blvd. Shumen 9700
Saint Asvizazin
The church was built in 1834 by Armenian refugees. It was remodelled and renovated in 2001 and a bell tower put in. Adjacent to the church is the Armenian National Centre building. 15 Zlatitsa St. Shumen 9700
National Historical and Archaeological Reserve - Madara
One of the 100 tourist sites of Bulgaria. Neolithic and Eneolithic findings, Thracian settlement, ancient Roman Villa and fortress from the 2nd -5th Century. Mediaeval Bulgarian Palace, churches and monasteries. Also home of the Madara Rider. Madara 9750
Tombul Mosque
The largest mosque in Bulgaria and reputed to be the most beautiful was built in 1744. It has a 25mtr high dome, and a 40mtr minaret with 99 steps. Information leaflet available in English. ul Doiran, Shumen.
Shumen Fortress
An important historical monument situated on the Shumen plateau not far from the city. The fortress is over 3200 years old and has been partially restored after being destroyed by the Ottomans. Open 7 days 09:00-19:00.
National and Historical Reserve - Pliska
Remains of the old city of Pliska. Outlining the outer city, inner city and the Royal Centre. A museum is located at the reserve showing details of the excavation works. Pliska 9920
Vassil Drumev Drama and Puppet Theatre
Founded in 1856 with the first theatrical production in Bulgaria. A diverse repertoire with about 250 performances per season. 72 Slavyanski Blvd. 9700 Shumen.
Saint Vuznesenie
Built in 1829 with murals dating from the year 933. Priceless religious books, gold fabric and a shroud decorated with pearls. 48 Otets Paiai St. Shumen 9700