Fishing & Angling: Fresh & Sea Water

Wholesale and retail for all kind of river fishing, sea fishing and camping. Wide range products from Tubertini, Jaxon, Cralluso, Rapala-Eurohold, Sasame, Ultrabait, Vega, Konger, Kamatsu and Crown. Online shopping. Stokovo Tarzishte KOOP 3, Yambol
Nencho Dimitrov Hristov
Selection of fishing rods and accessories. Guns and hunting equipment. Pet foods also available. 39 Ivan Nikolov St. Elhovo 8700
Robinson Fishing Tackle
A wide selection of fishing rods, reels, nets and apparel. Aquarium supplies to include the sale of Koi, and other fish. 27 Hristo Popovich St. Varna 9000
Hunting equipment and fishing tackle for sale, most leading brands. Everything for the hunter. 24 Konstantin Fotinov St. Burgas.
Online shop offering wide range of fishing and hunting equipment. Hunting clothes and shoes, air rifles, air pistols, gas cartridges, knives, optic devices, air gun pellets and other. Online and phone orders.
Vidrax Ltd
Company with warehouses throughout Bulgaria selling fishing products to the trade and public. Online shop, fishing rods, reels, floats, lines, hooks, tents, nets and boats. Credit cards accepted. Warehouse at 18 Zora Street, Yambol 8600.
Kleopatra Boat Trip
Sightseeing tours around Sozopol. Boat trips to the mouth of the Ropotamo river and the island of St Anastasia. Fishing trips arranged. MK Kleopatra (boat) Sozopol 8130
Bulgarian Hunt Service Ltd
Adventure fishing for shark on board a yacht and including accommodation. Fishing equipment provided. Sharks weigh between 6 and 10kgs, and are to be found on the most eastern point of Bulgaria.