Funeral Homes & Undertakers

Tanatos Funeral Services
Funeral services in Dobrich. 27 Panaiot Hitov Str. Dobrich.
Hector Undertakers
Undertaker and funeral services in Yambol. 93 Han Tervel Str. Floor 1, 8600 Yambol.
Tangra Funeral Home
Funeral services in Yambol. English speaking company representative: Svetlan Bilibaltov. Kabile Str, No.36 B 1st floor, Yambol.
Nissi - Resurrection
Funeral Agency. Burial and cremation services. Transportation and repatriation. Post funeral services, obituaries and wreaths preparation. Free consultations and social support. Memorials and gravestones design and implementation. Varna.
Mourning HOME LTD
Funeral services. Website in Bulgarian but English speaking staff are available. Andrei Sakharov No. 2, Varna.
Rekviem Funeral Agency
Funeral services in Varna province. 38 Gen Kolev Str, ent G. Varna.
Haron Funeral Home
Funeral services with English speaking staff. Dobrich Str. Drujba, Dobrich.