Lawyers: Burgas

Klichanov & Co
Law firm offers legal assistance in labor law, marriage and succession law, commercial law, estate law and more.
Christina Semova
Independent law practice specializing in real estate law and company formation, tax law and business registration among others.
Mariana Trifonova
Services include collection of receivables, labor law, cancellations of mortgages, real estate transactions and more. 
Newlex Law and Consulting
Professional advice and service in all aspects of legal and consulting services.
Ivanova & Co. Ltd
Law practice offering advice on labor disputes, rights and obligations as well as social and health disputes and heritage law.
The Legacon
Law firm provides complete legal assistance for companies and individuals.
Pys Consult Ltd
English law firm offering all aspects of legal services from property purchase to company formation and administration.
Ivo Baev & Partners
Independent law firm whose areas of expertise cover property law and real estates transactions, company and maritime law among others.
Law practice offering advice on criminal defense, law suits, tax title, civil law, commercial and corporative law among others.
Zlatina Delibaltova
Independent lawyer specializing in real estate transactions, property services and general legal advice.