Libraries & Book Exchanges

Community Hall Vasis Levski
Yantra Str 1 Balchik. Library services.
English Library
Mariya-Luiza Blvd 31, Varna.
Library Dora Gabe
Nezavisimost St. 7, Dobrich. Library services.
Shakespeare and Friends
Book store in central Varna selling new and used books in several languages. The store also organise many readings, signings and other events for expats and locals in various languages. Dragoman 17 St, Varna.
Regionalna Biblioteka P.K. Yavorov
Bulair Blvd 10. Burgas. Library.
Regional Library Stiliyan Chilingrov
Slavyanski Blvd 19, Shumen. Library.
Regionala Biblioteka Georgi Rakovski
Osvobojdenie 1, Yambol Square. Library services.
Pencho Slaveykov Public Library Varna
English reading room and American corner. Items can be borrowed or used in the reading rooms. High speed internet access with information from the library database in all fields of knowledge. Children & teens section. 34 Slivnitsa Bldg. 9000 Varna.
Library Peyo Yavorov
Knyaz Al. Bogoridi St. 21 Bourgas. Library services.