Radio Bulgaria
Music, topical events and news programmes broadcast in English. 4 Dragan Tzankov Blvd. Sofia 1040
Sofia News Agency
Latest Bulgarian and world news in English. Business, politics, crime, lifestyle, sports, society, showbiz, people, in pictures, views and records, horoscopes and jokes.
Bulgarian News Agency
World news, Bulgarian news, The Balkans, weather and currency exchange rates in English.
Bulgar Press
English newspapers and magazines to buy online in Bulgaria. Branches throughout Bulgaria with local offices in Varna, Bourgas, Sunny beach and Golden Sands.
Bulgaria Gazette
Regional news for Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Ruse or Veliko Tarnovo on business, lifestyle, politics, society and sports.
Online magazine in English. Bulgarian news, management, marketing, economy and Sci-tech.
Standart News
Bulgarian and worldwide news in Bulgarian and English. Sports and celebrity news online. Offices in Bourgas, Varna, Dobrich and Shumen.
Frog News
Online Bulgarian publication in English. Business and finance, politics, sports, economy, analysis, interviews, crime, entertainment and tourism.
Dnevnik a.m
Online general, business and politcal news about Bulgaria.
Focus Information Agency
World news and Bulgarian news in English. Politics, economy, finance, society, national security, police, healthcare and sport.
Sofia Echo
Bulgarian and worldwide news in English online.