Online & Distance Therapy Services

Bulgarian Black Sea Online Therapists & Distance Therapy Services in Bulgarian Black Sea.

Anelia Markovska
Offers expertise in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and a range of other specializations.
Nikola Atanassov
English, German and Russian speaking psychoanalyst. 
Eirene Counselling
Counselling services for children, young adults, couples, relationship issues, stress, domestic violence etc. 
Anna Joukivskaia
Certified family therapist offering counselling to English speaking individuals and family.  
Irina Stavreva
Therapy services include psychotherapy, coaching, hypnotherapy, NLP and personal development.
Bryan Milner
EMDR, CBT and Hypnotherapy. Also specialises in depression, anxiety, neurosis, grief, addictions, deliberate self harm, phobias, PTSD, OCD, life skills and adjustment disorders. Skype counselling available.
Maria Nikolova
Certified psychologist and hypnotherapist offering psychology, psychotherapy, trauma and mental healing, emotional freedom, personal and spiritual development. Also available on Skype.
Daniela Vasileva
Psychological and counselling services offered for a range of mental issues.
Lyubomir Levterov
Face-to-face and counselling services offered. Based in Burgas.
Svetla Bankova
Couples therapy, depression treatment, individual treatment, therapy for children, anxiety treatment and post divorce recovery. Skype counselling available. 
Milena Valkanova
Psychological astrologer, jungian therapist and art therapist. Offers consultations in person and online.
Sevda Shenkova
Generalised anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, acute stress reaction, post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic anxiety, panic disorder, agoraphobia, social anxiety,  depression, personality disorders and  Burnout Syndrome. Onli...
Hristo Genchev
Specializes in psychological support, hypnosis and psychological assistance for children with special needs as well as their parents.