Practical Information

Bulgarian Deposit Fund
The fund protects depositors funds up to a certain level as well as creditors interests in bank bankruptcy proceedings. A list of banks, legal information, reports and FAQs.
National Social Security Institute
Information on Bulgarian Social State Social Security. Pensions, accidents at work, national health insurance fund, ministry of labour and social policy, social assistance agency, employment agency. 126 St. Stambolov Bul. Burgas 8001.
Bulgarian Post
Transport and Communications. Internal and international post services, money remittance, periodicals and daily papers, collecting payments for telecommunications, water supply and electricity International express mail and parcels services. Yambol.
Dobrich Information
Visit the official site for Dobrich and find out about the population, natural resources, hospitals, education, tourism and much more. 12 Balgaria St. Dobrich.
Foundation for Local Government Reform
FLGR was founded by a group of Mayors in 1995. Specialising in Economic Development, regional and local development, European Integration, project development and Adminstration services. Listing of Municipalities and NGOs.
Elhovo Municipal Office
Website contains information regarding the town and the facilities available. No.13 Targovska Str. 8700 Elhovo Town.
Byala Municipality Office
Information including, agriculture, business, toursim, ecology investment plans, science and education, healthcare in the region, culture, arts and sports. Ekzarh Iosif Str, Byala 7100.
Burgas Municipality Office
Everything you need to know about the history, health services, education and culture, social activities, sport and other amenities that the city has to offer. 26 Alexandrovska St. Burgas.
State Agency for Child Protection
Child protection agency working with ministries, implementing childcare activities, develops and controls national and regional child protection. Telephone numbers for local child protection departments. Sofia.
Yambol Region Office
Information concerning the town of Yambol, including businesses, sport and leisure. 18 George Papazov Str, Yambol.
Municipality of Nesebar
All the information for the town and surrounding district. 10 Edelvais St. Nesebar.
National Police Service
Ministry of the interior website detailing the main tasks of the police service. Prevention of crimes, guarding the state border, combating illegal migration. Administrative control over the residence of foreigners in Bulgaria. Sofia.
Ministry of Interior
In the travelling in Europe section of the website, there is detailed information regarding driving in Bulgaria including the amount to pay if fined. There are details of border control checkpoints and details of how to apply for residency.
Ministry of Finance
National Revenue Agency. Details regarding VAT and tax matters in Bulgaria. Tax collection, personal income tax, health insurance contributions, social security and pensions. 52 Dondukov Blvd. 1000 Sofia.