Solar Panels & Renewable Energy

MMC Inc.
Air conditioning. heating, ventilation, piping and solar energy equipment suppliers and installers. Website in Bulgarian. 20 Aleksander Dyakovitch St. Varna.
Solar Technology
Solar collectors for heating and water heating. Delivery and construction of solar installations. full warranty and after sales service. Website in Bulgarian only. Showroom: Chaika Quarter BL28, ground floor, Varna.
Specialising in the production of one and two storey passive houses. Facade thermal walls, modular panels, floors, foundation, staircases, windows, doors and roof panels. Ptchelina area parcel 78. Varna.
Manufacture and supply of renewable energy systems. Solar panels and collectors, inverters, combi boilers and thermo syphon systems. Branches in Burgas and Varna. 12 Madara Blvd. Shumen 9700
New Solar Technologies Ltd
Solar technology, collectors and controllers. Heat pipe vacuum, tube series. Collectors are designed to work in extreme conditions - 30 degrees, and even in places lacking good solar irradiation. Delivery and installation. Industrial Zone Zieno, Shumen.
Energy Free Technology Ltd
For residential, commercial and government buildings. Low-energy buildings, consultations, ground source heat pump, solar hot water heating, renewable energy system, swimming pool heating and construction. Office 22 Atrium Business Centre, Varna.
Green World Group
Cut your fuel bills with wind generated electricity. Sales, installation and maintenance packages.36 "Ivan Vazov" St. Varna.
Solar collectors with vacuum tube technology, heat pipes for water heating. Heat pumps, generators and GPS systems. No.10, Atanas Moskov Street, West Industrial Zone, Varna.
Property Services Varna
Solar systems, airconditioning, pools and spa. Garden design, landscaping, maintenance and accessories. Furnishing, accounting, airport transfers and property insurance. Mladost 150. Varna 9000.