WiFi Hotspots & Wireless Access Points

Del Mar restaurant
Specialities include fish and Mediterranean dishes while listening to jazz and chillout music. WiFi, parking and cloakroom. Seating for between 50 and 70 people. Open 11:00-24:00. Lazur Dstr. Bl. 103. Burgas.
Ginger Coffee Club
Situated in the centre of the city, the coffee shop offers hot and cold coffee beverages, hot alcoholic beverages and refreshing drinks. Variety of cakes and sandwiches. Free WiFi. Blvd Slivnitsa 33, Varna.
Hotel Solo
Catering for twelve guests with four double rooms, two single, and an apartment. Internet, tv, phone,mini-bar and room service. 2 P. Volov St. Shumen 9700
Zamakat Hotel
Open all year and only 200 metres from the beach. Bar, cafe, bistro,garden terrace and souvenir shop. Free internet access. 13 Baba Tonka St. Sarafova, Burgas.
Captain Cook Fish Restaurant
ADSL high speed internet connections at nominal charge. Snacks and fish dishes available. 25 Tcar Osvoboditel Blvd. Varna.
Mehana Bansko
Restaurant serving vegetarian, European and Bulgarian cuisine to live folk music. Air-conditioned, WiFi and parking. Open from 10:30. Kiril and Metodiy Square, Burgas.
Flag Varna Hostel
An English owned hostel providing all the usual amenities, and including a free mountain bike for sightseeing. TV, laundry room and free wifi internet available. 2 Sheinovo St. Varna.
American coffee company offering hot and cold drinks, salads, hot and cold sandwiches, sweet pastries and snacks. Burgas Plaza Mall, Burgas.
Delight Restaurant
Cozy and relaxing atmosphere, high quality paintings and refined interior. Vegetarian, Mediterranean, European and Bulgarian cuisine. WiFi, parking, airconditioning and a garden. After 23:00 enjoy music in the piano bar. 3 Slavyanska Str. Burgas.
Admiral Restaurant
European cuisine and Bulgarian style music. 130 seats. Airconditioning, garden and WiFi service. Open everday from 12:00-24:00. Marina Dinevi Complex, St. Vlas.
Avenue Hotel
A choice of vegetarian, Mediterranean, European and Bulgarian food. WiFi, airconditioning, parking and garden. Open 06:00-24:00. 6 Transportna Str. Burgas.
Acant Rouge
Specialities of fusion, fish and European dishes. The menu is compiled by Yonko Diakov, cook of the year 2004 with a selection of the best of Bulgarian and French cuisine. WiFi access. Open 11:00-23:00. 41 Kniaz Batenberg Str. Varna.
Hotel Burgas
Free internet high speed access to guests and customers of the hotel, near to the port and the railway station in the centre of Burgas.
Sushi and fusion cuisine. The interior is decorated with natural stones,water, bamboo and glass with the scents of sandal, autumn flowers and oriental fruits. WiFi access, airconditioning and parking. Open 17:00-24:00. Oazis Grand Hotel, Sunny Beach.
Amstel Club and Restaurant
Vegetarian, Mediterranean, European, International and Bulgarian cuisine. In the centre of Burgas, the venue has three air-conditioned floors and a large garden. WiFi service. Open 10:00-02:00. 49 Aleksandrovska Str. Burgas.
AM Market
Supermarket for foodstuffs and drinks with a cocktail bar selling refreshments. WiFi internet access. District Chaika, residential block 197, Varna.
Old Village
National cuisine at its finest. Full range of Bulgarian regional dishes. Internet access available. 73, Vasil Drumev St. Varna.
Atagen Hotel
Vegetarian, Mediterranean, European, International and Bulgarian cuisine. Prepared with fresh produce. Large selection of white and red wines. WiFi services. Music style: jazz and retro. Open 08:00-24:00. 129 San Stefano Bld. Burgas.
Yo Ho Hostel
Open all year round, offering 24hr. reception, free internet access, with all the amenities including free breakfast. Situated near KFC and the opera house. 23 Russe St. 2nd floor, Varna.
Bistro Brown
Beer produced from own brewery, a glass of cold Gallagher or enjoy a bottle of French wine by Paul Herpe wine cellar with one of our original recipe dishes. WiFi and parking. Ventura Hotel, 16 Mara Taseva Str. Asparuhovo District, Varna.
Gorski Ray
Pizzas cooked on live coals. Salads and pasta dishes. Childrens playground, WiFi access, parking and a large garden. Open 08:00-24:00. 2A Strandja Str. Kiten.
Hi Hotel
A 24 room hotel with lift, air conditioning, central heating, tvs, phone, mini-bar and bathrooms in all rooms. Free Internet access. 11 Khan Asparuh St. Varna.
Hotel Neon
Two and three bedrooms with cable tv, central heating, en-suite, air-conditioning and computer with high speed internet access. Restaurants and bars near-by. 13a St Elias Bluskov R. Shumen 9700
California Restaurant
Specialities of the house include fish and mediterranean cuisine. Parking, WiFi, air conditioning and a garden. Music style, jazz and Latino. Open 09:00-24:00. 36 Lyuben Karveliv Str. Burgas.
Coral Guest House
Close to the beach and a few minutes from the town centre. Seven double, two triple and three suites. Bar,free WiFi in the lobby and garden. Money exchange, deposit box, laundry, ironing and tourist information. Home made breakfast. Obzor.