Air Conditioning & Heating

Renewable energy heating specialist and plumber. Zone Artisanale Pièces Bourgeoises, Givry (71).
Heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and renewable energy specialist. 27 rue la Tuilerie, Zone artisanale, Dracy le Fort (71).
Plumbing, heating and air conditioning services.Both maintenance and installations are undertaken.Located at 9 rue Longues raies, Sens, 89100.
Neyme Sebastien
Heating specialist offering renewable energy options. Open Monday to Friday 07:30-12:00 and 13:30-19:00. 28 rue de Champagny, Charolles (71).
Heating, air conditioning and plumbing specialist offering renewable energy and solar power options. 7 rue du General de Gaulle, Sens (89).
Plomberie Chalonnaise
Plumbing services covering maintenance repairs or installations of new systems.Also specialising in Domestic heating using renewable energy. Located at 8 rue Aristide Briand, Chalon on Saone, 71100
Heating and electrical specialist, providing alarmed doors and gates. Hameau Cortaint, Corsaint (21).
Entreprise de Plomberie Chalonnaise
Plumber and heating specialist. Repairs and installations available. 8 rue Aristide Briand, Bat G, App 40, Chalon sur Saone (71).
Lavigne SARL
Plumbing, heating and renewable energy installations including solar panels. Open Monday to Saturday 07:00-20:00. Route du Mont Badoit, Joncy (71).
Eco-Energie Wood Burning Central Heating
High burning central heating throughout Europe. Log, pellet, chip/forest waste solutions plus solar hot water systems suitable for small and large properties.
Boulon Vincent (SARL)
Renewable energy and heating specialist. Rue de la Mairie, cedex 609, Gigny sur Saone (71).
Marcus Acton-Bond
Plumbing, heating, electrical installation, bathroom and kitchen installation and repairs, central heating installation and maintenance. 39 rue du Gue, Arcy sur Cure (89).
Company specialising in renewable energy, solar panels, air-conditioning, heating and electrical installations. Open Monday to Friday 09:00-12:00 and 14:00-18:00. 27 rue Paris, Champforgeuil (71).
Heating, air conditioning and electrical support offered. Renewable energy options available. Rue de la Carijacques, La Roche Vineuse (71).
Guyot Thierry
Electrician and electrical heating specialist. Also installs shutters and alarm systems. Le Bourg, Dompierre sur Nievre (58).
Heating and air conditioning installer. Roofing and plumbing services also available. 17 rue de la Petite Fin, Fontaine les Dijon (21).
Entreprise Trelle
Plumbing and electrical services.Specialising in works from repairs and maintenance to Geo-thermal heating systems.Located at 27 rue de la Folie, Marzy, 58180