Burgundy Web Portals

ABC of France
Tourist website covering Alsace, Burgundy, and Champagne-Ardenne. Includes information on where to stay, places to visit and general regional information.
Burgundy Pulse
Internet forum for those living and visiting Burgundy. It is free to join the forum.
French Entree Burgundy
Website providing information about property, holidays and travel information in Burgundy.
Bergmans Burgundy
Burgundy website providing a wider perspective on the Burgundy experience. Provides information and personal reflection on culture, food, wine and more.
Burgundy Today
Burgundy Today offers a comprehensive guide to the region, covering Burgundian cultural events, tourist information and more. Read reviews about local specialist shops and markets to better experience Burgundys gastronomic delights.
Burgundy Tourist Board
Official site for the Burgundy Tourist Board. Information and articles about the region, activities, accommodation, and general tourist information.
The Mustard Zone
Website with photos, information and facts about Dijon and Burgundy.
Burgundy Eye
Online magazine with information about Burgundy. Comprehensive events listing, daily posts about life in Burgundy, and local attractions and restaurants.
Terroirs Bourguignons
Website dedicated to Burgundian wine, gastronomy, and catering. Find out about traditional food, listings for restaurants, and places to visit for food lovers. The entire site is available in English.
Burgundy Friends
Association that provides a network for English speakers living in Burgundy. The group has an on-line forum and regularly meets up to socialise and do business. Luzy (58).