Cybercafes & Public Internet Access

Cyber-Base de Varzy
12 PCs with broadband. Open Monday 18:00-20:30, Wednesday 14:00-19:00, Thursday 18:00-20:30, Saturday 14:00-19:00. Salle informatique du lycée-collège le Mont Châtelet, boulevard St Saturnin, Varzy (58).
Cyber-base du Pays Nivernais Morvan
Public cyber-cafe with 23 computers. English-speaking staff not guaranteed. Open Tuesday to Saturday 14:00-18:00. Mission numerique du Pays Nivernais Morvan, 114 route dAvallon, Lormes (58).
Cyber-Base dUrzy
8 PCs with broadband. Open Tuesday 16:30-20:00, Wednesday 09:30-12:30, Friday 16:30-20:00. Salle informatique de lEspace Enfance-Jeunesse, Impasse Pierre Malardier, Urzy (58).
Hotel providing Internet cafe. 9 cours Tarbe, Sens (89).
Connection Cyber Cafe
Cafe and WiFi hotspot as well as six internet terminals for hire. Located on rue Changarnier in Autun center. Open 11:00-20:30.