Electrical Goods & Appliances

Servitec Communication
Sells and repairs sound systems, video and DVD players, televisions and accessories. 51 avenue Aristide Briand, Dijon (21).
Electrical goods, including household items, TVs, digital cameras, kitchen equipment and sound systems and computers. Centre Cial Carrefour, route Fourchambault, Marzy (58).
Haberdashery selling sewing machines, irons and ironing boards, wool and other sewing equipment. Tuesday to Saturday 09:15-12:15 and 14:00-19:00. 11-13 quai du General de Gaulle, Montceau les Mines (71).
LAtelier Hifi
Specialise in home cinema installation, flat and plasma screen TV, DVD players, sound systems for personal and professional use. Open Tuesday to Saturday 10:00-12:00 and 14:00-19:00. 72 rue Sigorgne, Macon (71).
Megret et Fils
Industrial sale of sewing machines. Second hand items available online. 7 rue Bartoli, Digoin (71).
Electrical goods including household items, computers, stereo sounds systems, TVs, DVD players, phones and more. Repair services available. Centre cial Toison dOr Quartier de Pouilly, Dijon (21).
Allo Brun Blanc
Sells electrical appliances including TV, video, fridge and freezers, kitchen equipment and more. Emergency home repair service available. 12 rue Etienne Baudinet, Dijon (21).