Estate Agents: Cote d'Or

Cabinet Parisel Jacques
Estate agency offering sales and rentals, private and commercial properties. 4 bis rue Docteur Maret, BP 2558, Dijon (21).
Genlis Immobilier
Orpi estate agent based in Genlis, sales and rentals available. 14 rue Bernard Laureau, Genlis (21).
A.S. Immo Conseils
English-speaking estate agency offering a wide range of properties for sale across department 21.Full pre and after sales services included.Located at Rue Charles Rollet, La Montagne,Beaune 21200.
Burgundy4U Meursault Central Office
Estate agency specialising in the sale of properties in Burgundy regions. Located at 8, place de lHotel de Ville,Meursault.
Guy Hoquet Immobilier
English- speaking estate agency specialising in both property sales and rentals.Located in Dijon with properties available all over the Cote Dor and beyond.Full range of pre and after sales services are available.Contact us for professional advice.
Orpi Agences N.1 CGIA Dijon
English-speaking agency based in Dijon offering professional advice for both buyers and sellers. We have all types of properties for sale or rent to suit all budgets. We offer a full range of after sales services, and also undertake property management.
Immo Passion
English speaking estate agency specialising in property sales in Dijon, its surrounding areas and all over Cote d’Or.Located at 1, rue Francois Jouffroy,Dijon 21000.
Brigodiot Immobilier
English-speaking estate agency specialising in all types of property sales across department 21.Full range of services available. Located at 36 bis rue Edme-Piot,Montbard, 21500.
Immobiliere Guy Hoquet
Estate agency offering property for sale or rent in the Cote Dor. English clients catered for with full pre and after sales services. Located at Place de la ville du Puy, Chatillon sur Seine, 21400.Contact us today for professional advice.
Dom-Immo Agency
English speaking estate agency based in Saulieu,offering a full comprehensive service to clients all across the Cote Dor.
Cle France
Property for sale through a network of Cle France Agents and French Registered Estate Agents. Over 8000 houses for sale from cheap houses to renovate up to Luxury Dream Homes and perfectly charming Holiday Homes.
La regie Fonciere Dijon
English-speaking estate agency specialising in all types of property sales and rentals in Dijon and across Cote Dor. Contact us for all your property requirements and services. We are located at 9 bis, rue du Temple,Dijon 21000
La regie Fonciere Beaune
Estate agency offering full range of services to English speaking clients.Specialising in sales and rentals.Located at 12, place Monge,Beaune 21200
Agence des vignes
English-speaking estate agency specialising in both property sales and rentals.All types of properties available from chateaux to building plots.English clients catered for with full after sales service.Located at 20 rue Carnot, Beaune, 21200.
Cabinet Patrick Echinard
Family-owned agency working in the Beaune area for over 15 years,specialising in sales and rental management. Open Monday to Friday between 09:00-12:00 and 14:00-19:00, Saturday until 18:00. 2 Place Carnot, Beaune (21).
Burgundy Life Immobilier
Estate agent specialising in property sales across department 21. Located at 13 rue Sallier, Saulieu 21210.
Cabinet Bourgogne Immobilier
Online agency for Cabinet Bourgogne Immobiler. Besides dealing with house sales, the agency will also help you find hotels and organise everything for visiting houses in the area.
Optim Immobilier
Estate agency offering full range of services in Dijon and across the Cote Dor.Properties of all types and prices are available, Located at 26 rue du Chateau,Dijon 21000
Noblimo Immobilier
Estate agency and property finding services available for all types of properties and budgets across the Cote Dor. Contact us today for friendly initial discussion.
Republique Transactions
English speaking estate agency offering help and advice,specialising in property sales across department 21.Located at 10,rue Pasumot,Beaune 21200
Republique Transactions
Estate agency specialising in sales across department 21.English spoken.Located at 13,rue Cesar Lavirotte,Arnay-le-Duc, 21230