French Insurance: Car, Home, Life

Benoit Assurances
Insurance company specialising in all types of insurance including Car, property, health and business insurances. Located at 4, rue Faubourg St-Jacques, 21200 Beaune.
Status Global Insurance
Insurance for expats and world travellers, flexible insurance products to meet needs and budget: travel, travel covering pre-existing medical conditions, private medical, home, golf & EHIC in France top-up cover. Click website link for free quote!
Rigal Assurances
English-speaking insurance agency with over 20 years experience of providing health,car,property and business insurance.Located at 10 Avenue Foch,Dijon 21000
Mutuelle de Cluny assurances
Insurance brokers with English-speaking staff,providing cover for car,health,property,life and business.Located at 2 pl. du Commerce, Cluny, 71250.
Credit Agricole Bourgogne
Banking services offering Financial advice,Mortgages,All types of Insurance and Account management
AXA Assurance Chapelon Pascal
Health, car, home and life insurance agency. Open Monday to Friday 08:30-12:00 to 13:45-18:00. 20 Bis rue de la Banque, Chalon sur Saone (71).Contact Catherine
Cabinet Mathias Rouyer
Insurance broker specialising in all forms of personal and business insurance,From cars to property and life insurance.Located at 11, rue de la Banque, Chalon sur Saone 71323.