Notaries: Cote d'Or (21)

Jean-Paul Bruneteaud
Notary with English language skills located in Talant.
Nicolas Taiclet
English speaking notary based in Nuits St George.
Pascal Massip
English speaking Notary.
Eloise Salichon Collot
Notary with English language skills.
Bruchon Romain
English-speaking notary based in Dijon.
Valerie Roblet
Notary public offers a range of services. Based in Montbard.
Genevieve Echinard
English speaking notary based in Beaune.
Guillaume Lorisson
Based in Dijion. Offers a wide range of notary services.
Jocelyne Galmiche Bresson
English and French speaking notary specializes in a wide range of services.