Notaries: Saone-et-Loire (71)

Daniel Bonnetain
Bilingual French notary. Based in La Clayette.
Frederique Denis Buisson
French notary with English language skills.
Serge Villeneuve
Bilingual French notary.
Danielle Chapuis Favre
English-speaking Notary offering a range of services.
Regis Henry
Bilingual notary based in Bourbon-Lancy.
Jean Yves Cunrath
French notary with English-language skills.
Didier Mathy
French notary with English, German and Spanish language skills.
Colette Gasselin
English-speaking notary based in Romaneche Thorins.
Yves Bourloux
Notary with English speaking staff.
Jacques Camuset
French notary with English-language skills.
Bertrand Bizollon
French notary with English and German language skills.
Jean Michel Henri Baligand
Bilingual notary based in Cluny.
Frederique Lamotte Champy
English-speaking notary.
Martine Thomas Crolet
French notary providing English speaking staff.. 
Jean Baptiste Dupy
Notary with English language skills.
Pierre Yves Perrault
French notaire with English language skills, offers a wide range of services.