Supermarkets & Grocery Shops

Carrefour Chalon sur Saone Nord
Supermarket stocking food and organic brands, halal meat, traditional butcher available, fish monger, ticket service. 144 route de Paris, Chalon sur Saone (71).
Carrefour de Quetigny
Supermarket stocking food, small household appliances, toiletries, jewellery and a florist. English-speaking staff identifiable by name tags. Avenue de Bourgogne, Quetigny (21).
Carrefour Chalon sur Saone
Supermarket selling food, clothes, jewellery, household appliances, organic food, photo development. There is also a butcher and petrol station. English-speaking staff identifiable by name tags. Rue Thomas Dumorey, BP 66, Chalon sur Saone Cedex (71).
Carrefour de Dijon
Supermarket stocking food, clothes, DVDs, games, and home appliances. English speaking staff can be identified on name-tags. Route de Langres, BP 67809, Centre Commercial Toison dOr, Dijon (21).
Organic food chain. Stores can be located on their website. Stores in Le Creusot, Nevers, Auxerre, Sens, Tonnerre, Dijon, and Quetigny. English not guaranteed.