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I want to find my soul mate 1 General Started by: John2323-Smith-979977 · Updated: 1609197530 · Created: 1609193371
Good day to you. I want to find my soul mate. Is it really possible to find a serious woman on online dating sites? Shar
Free NSF to PST Converter 0 General Started by: scarlet-william -976729 · Updated: 1605955949 · Created: 1605955949
Try this free eSoftTools NSF to PST Converter software to convert large sizes of NSF files inner items like- emails, att
Wood granule central heating systems 0 Home & Garden Started by: john-Scallan-976684 · Updated: 1605882748 · Created: 1605882748
Given that it will be illegal to repair iol fired boilers from January 2022 we were thinking of changing to a granule sy
Blah , blah and blah 7 General Started by: itinerant child-414831 · Updated: 1599208732 · Created: 1521650716
The Best Platform To Find Sales Jobs 1 General Started by: Salih-Agenter-969872 · Updated: 1599208541 · Created: 1599208458
AgenterisanOnlineProfessionalNetworking Platform for Commission, where business profiles present their salesrequirements
English kinder in Dijon 1 Families & Kids Started by: Kieran-Armstrong-955125 · Updated: 1588730986 · Created: 1581217457
Hi,my family and I are moving to Dijon and want to put our 4 year old son in kindergarten a couple of days a week. We ar
Am I entitled to French Government medical... 4 General Started by: Natalie-Cooke-933427 · Updated: 1551886622 · Created: 1550657950
We are on Carte de sejour temporaries, renewing every year. If we stay 5 years and decide to apply for the 10 year carte
Wasps Nest 0 Home & Garden Started by: Burgundy-Belle-868307 · Updated: 1525162410 · Created: 1525162410
Hi to all, Yesterday I discovered in my lawn a hole about the size of a 50p piece with wasps flying in and out so Im gue
Will be In Burgundy soon with some availability 9 Home & Garden Started by: itinerant child-414831 · Updated: 1522319960 · Created: 1516532236
Bonjour tout le monde (hello everyone),I have just left my gardening job down on the riviera where I have been working i
The up & coming 6 nations rugby tournament 4 Sport & Leisure Started by: wozza89 · Updated: 1519378458 · Created: 1515340966
Here are the dates & times (French) of the matches. All the games will be televised on either the BBC or ITV.Saturda
Truffles are abundant! 2 Food & Drink Started by: Tigger-459388 · Updated: 1518440873 · Created: 1518379136
Just to bring some light-hearted and very personal information to the discussions. Truffles are around. Obviously and fr
The Morvan in the snow is sooooo beautiful 3 General Started by: itinerant child-414831 · Updated: 1518256186 · Created: 1518003809
Bonjour a tout, bonjour a tous ( hello to you all boys and girls) ,I hope that some of you have the chance to drive acro
Transporting books from UK to France 12 General Started by: rosa-462319 · Updated: 1517477963 · Created: 1516812293
I'm looking to transport a couple of boxes of books from UK (Cambridge) to near Dax for a friend who is having to remain
Happy New Year 6 General Started by: Tigger-459388 · Updated: 1515583517 · Created: 1514744534
Hello all.I hope that you had a wonderful time, during the Christmas holiday and I wish you health, happiness, security
Christmas songs 6 General Started by: wozza89 · Updated: 1514119510 · Created: 1513200937
Hi all, Here are a few of my favorite Christmas songs, please add your favorites to the collection.
British Beer in Avallon be quick. 3 Food & Drink Started by: wozza89 · Updated: 1514027854 · Created: 1508511150
Hi all, I've just found some British beer in Noz a shop just down the road from the train station.There were crates of W
Happy solstice-merry xmas-happy new year... 3 General Started by: itinerant child-414831 · Updated: 1513801290 · Created: 1513775715
I would just like to wish everyone on here all the hairy breast,oops-very best for the seasons holidays and hope that no
Brexit 5 General Started by: Tigger-459388 · Updated: 1513775462 · Created: 1512766337
So, where are you all on Brexit? Theresa May has jetted in, at the last minute to save the day. We all know that the "La
English speaking general doctor - Beaune 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: Rachel-Croft-913797 · Updated: 1512999049 · Created: 1509893545
Hi,Can anyone recommend an english speaking General Practitioner in Beaune?Thanks in advance for your help.Rachel
Wedding planning help 18 General Started by: Moira -Buchanan -911838 · Updated: 1511876123 · Created: 1507878096
Hello everyonei hope someone can point me in the right direction.My daughter has booked a venue to have her wedding cele