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This is what I was trying to post in the classified section -Hello to you all, I am looking for a new van or camper as have now worn mine out and the poor old girl is on her last legs and will not be passing her next mot.I am looking for a vehicle which firstly must be british registered with uk plates and prefably mot’d though will consider one that the mot has run out on. I will be taking it back to the uk so can prebook it into an mot station. I do live in my van so it would be nice to find something on this side of the channel so that I can transfer all my worldly good over before making the trip back. Both long wheel base and hightop would be good and something with a 3.5 ton limit. I am currently driving an ldv convoy and want something similar in size.Some history of the vehicle would be nice especially info regarding cam belt change and any works that need doing.Anything from a few hundred euros to maybe upto around three and a half to four thousand euros will be considered if it meets my needs,though in the ideal world something with around a 2000 euro value would be the area that suits me most. I have been looking for a while so have got a good idea of what the price should be so even if you do not know I could advise you honestly.I am currently in the Aveyron but will be willing to travel for the right vehicle as soon as covid restrictions allow and will be putting up this ad in other regions to try and create options. I will be aiming to come back upto Brittany in a month or so.Thanks for taking time to read this and I hope this message finds you well and happy.You can Email me on gerdweller@hotmail.co.uk with details and photo's if available.Love and lightJamie xx

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Does anyone know where we can rent a wedding car for our daughters wedding this summer?

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Hi there I have an 2007 Astra 1.8 twin top that I'm trying to register in France and have one last issue  to overcome before I go to the expense of paying for a CoC (even though vauxhall have told me I don't need one!) The D2 "type" field on the carte gris doesn't seem to have an equivalent entry on the V5 (It's blank) and I'm hoping that someone who might already have one registered can share that code with me from your carte grise?Thanks in advanceBob

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We will be in Montbard a few months per year and think at first to hire a car rather than buy.(We have enough to buy without that one) Any tips on the most economical place to hire from ?I was told some supermarkets hire them?

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A question for our itinerant Jamie and/or anyone else who has knowledge in this area. I am thinking of lining a van.  Not to live in but to reduce noise.  I use the van to deliver to clients and I need more quiet, so that I can listen to Dinah Washington and the like, while doing my rounds.  However, I have been told that lining a van can cause condensation and that would not work for me.  I have no experience of doing this and, therefore, I would appreciate any advice. Thanks all.

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Hi, I have just bought a second hand caravane. I have the carte grise and certificate of conformity. I have forme 134752*02 completed by the seller. Can you please help. Do i need any other form  for the prefecture to complete the transaction ? Thanking youi in advance Francois

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Bonjour mes amis (good day may friends), Are any of you good people out there mechanically minded enough and have the equipment to change over my Kingpin sets on an ldv convoy? I am told that they do not need reaming but a powerful press would be in order. If so,would you be interested in swapping what could be anything from an hour to possibly four hours (worst case scenario) work for a full days gardening? I am a landscape gardener of over twenty years experience and I specialize in drt stone walling and would be happy to swap work with you so that we both get a bargain in the world of good economising! I shall be back in burgundy from the end of march,so from then on would be great. I hope that you are all well and look forward to being back in the area with you again soon. Luvnstuff Jamie x

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Still no sign of my French Driving Licence from Dijon prefecture. It will be one year in November since I went there with all my forms and photos. Was issued with a temporary 6 month one and had to return in May for it to be re-stamped for another 6 months with the official Prefecture Franking. To make matters worse I keep reading on other angloinfo area forums of people receiving their new licences "within days". I asked last time if there was a problem and received the reply non, accompanied by a shrug when I tentatively enquired how much longer it might take. It certainly was of interest to the gendarme who stopped me on one of their Sunday afternoon roadside checks, he had never seen or heard of such a thing before. Luckily for me he was really nice and when I mentioned Dijon Prefecture taking a long time he nodded knowingly, and wished me luck getting my new licence soon!!

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Hi does anyone have any information or experience on legalities of converting a vehicle to a camping car  registered in France to be used in Europe? Thanks for any help with this

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Bonjour mes amis (good evening my friends),I ask this question for both personal reasons and for others who I have heard asking the same question in the expat community. I spend two or three months in burgundy every year and often have a thing or to that needs doing on my ldv campervan and would happily pay the right person to do any works that are too complicated for me.  Another option would be to swap trades !  I am an experienced landscape gardener who builds and repairs dry stone walls,and would be willing to do work for work done,therefore saving us both a few of our hard earned euros!! As a fluent(ish) french speaker,it is no problem for me to go to a local garage,though it is not always easy to find a decent one,or at least one that you trust. I have currently got play in my kingpin (shut up before you start simon and tigger,I  am referring to the van) and would like to get that sorted out sometime this autumn. I will be in burgundy for the next 2-3 weeks (currently near saulieu) then have got to nip down to a regular 3 week gardening job in savoie,but then will be back up here for the end of october,so if anyone knows of anyone available at these times please let me know. If you are a good and reasonably priced  mechanic,do let me know your whereabouts and I could always pass on your contact details to anyone else who asks me. Thanks in advance Luv'n'stuff Jamie xx    

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Does anybody have any adult bikes that they no longer want or wish to sell? We have recently moved into the village of Villecomte, north of Dijon, and would like to get around on two wheels? Regards Adrian and Lorraine Parry

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Anyone know if legally you can take them back to the UK and return? someone told me thay have to stay in France? Thanks

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I have several cars that require maintenance & small repairs. Is there someone in Southern Burgundy.

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Hi has anyone done this in Burgundy? Just wondered if its the same as a car which we did. I worry as I hear that a caravan is more difficult, so this could be more trouble than its worth? Thanks for any help!

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Hi al,  I have had our car tested but it failed on a few minor points (most of which I have had repaired asap) but I am waiting for one more part to arrive and be fitted before I take it back to garage for re-test. Can I still use my car? I know you have 2 months to repair everything so in that time is it okay to drive it? Thanks for any help!

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I am contemplating buying a used  UK reg.caravan of German manufacture. Has anyone any idea of the cost involved in re-registering it here in France ? I know a ' certificat de conformite ' will be required, Thanks for any help

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Hi anyone know if you get a CT done early (as were away when it runs out in a few months) and the car fails, does this invalidate the existing passed one? Many thanks

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Hi were planning on bringing our Jersey registered car over this summer, we wondered how long as rsidnts here we can keep it on the plates as its a non EU country? Thanks

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Hi We are thinking of buying a Citroen C3. Has anybody got one? If so are they willing to tell us any pros or cons about the car? many thanks     

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I've just received a speeding fine for doing 99km/h in a 90 zone on the peage North of Dijon. No complaints, I was stupid because I thought I was in a normal 130km/h area of the motorway. Am I correct in thinking that I receive one penalty point on my licence and also that I do not have to return my French driving licence to the authorities but that the point is registered on a central data base? Also does anyone know how long points stay on your licence before being removed? Thanks for any info.

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