AI user recovering

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Yesterday it was reported that an AI user was recovering from dehydration and malnutrition. He was found in front of his computer awaiting a reply to his post.


itinerant child-414831 1490199137

Said user needs to get out more !!

Tigger-459388 1490463848

Well done Simon, I laughed out loud.  That's the problem that central administration should be dealing with, not ignoring.  To be fair, I do realise and respect the fact that the Angloinfo/Burgundy admin probably have little power in the matter.  Yes, on the surface it might appear that the "discussions" does not make Angloinfo any money; however and I write for myself, when I connect I move from the discussion and have a look around.  More important, I look at the classifieds, because there may be something that interests me.  The classifieds do make money. Therein lies the rub, the "discussions" used to fun, we all had a chat with our unknown friends, we spread information and we even solved some problems.  Ergo, it used to be a magnet.  Hey admin, it's certainly not now!

simonarn 1492620232

I understand the poor fellow is back in front of his screen and hasnt moved for 10 days now. This has to stop!

wozza89 1492810376


If this chap lives in my neck of the Morvan, pls let me know as I feel sorry for the old boy. I'll pop round for a chat & a joke I'll bring a few beers.

itinerant child-414831 1492841891

No Wozza,the poor chap who gets sick of waiting for responses to his emails is in the southe'rn part of Burgundy :-)

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