amplifier and speaker advice for my van please

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Bonjour mes amis (hello my friends), I have just ordered myself a double cd-usb mixing system so I can get in touch with my youth and do a bit of dj'ing in my camper. I am looking forward to this,but unfortunately when the item arrives later in the week I will have no way of playing it. I currently am listening to my music through my laptop and a cinema sound system,which I am quite sure will not be compatible with the new system as it is powered off the headphone and external usb sockets from my computer. This means (I believe) that I will have to get another system to connect the red and white male sockets to that come with the mixing set up,and I am guessing (though open to be proved wrong) that an amp and speaker (s) is my option. Please hold in mind that I am in a van and space is very much an issue,so as small as I can go,the better. I am thinking of anything upto about 200 watts,though will settle for as little as 50 if needs must. I would appreciate your advice. Many thanks in advance Jamie xx


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Hi Jamie,

I can't give any advice but if you need an amp I've got a couple you can have. One of the amp's is from a hi-fi stacking system the other from a small home cinema with 5 hard wire outlets, I have 5 small speakers as well, though not sure on the wattage.  

A bientot xx


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Thanks for your very kind offer wozza,you are as always generous to a fault. I have bought a large speker with built in amplifier and am looking forward greatly to my cd-usb mixer arriving in a few days. My appologies to anyone who hears pink floyd floating across the lakes in the morvan shortly !!!!!!

Love and light to all

Jamie xx

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