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Hi, can anybody recieve any uk radio programmes in Burgundy,ie not via sky? Thanks


Tigger-459388 1258041059

All of the main BBC Programmes are available through the Internet.

Anne-459387 1258054933

I have all the UK radio stations via my satellite dish Astra 28.2 and a box which receives Freeview channels. I did once pick up 5 Live and Radio 4 on my transistor but reception was very weak and faded out. On saying that in Santenay reception is not good on most radio channels.

gilberto-460447 1258108101

Thanks tigger, but the internet says im listening from outside the uk and blocks,Im most interested in trying to recieve via transistor radio if anyone has any more thoughts

Ladoix-460456 1258111223

Thats strange - I listen to the radio on the internet all the time!

Auxois 1258132806

Me to. Iuse The BBC iplayer and it does not block the radio stations, although it of course will not let you watch TV programmes.


Tigger-459388 1258134803

Yes, I think that Gilberto must be talking about iplayer, which does not let you watch television, if you are outside of the U.K. I have listened to radio 4 in several countries, including the Caribbean, through the Internet. There really is not a problem.

gilberto-460447 1258294721


When i try to listen to sporting events on 5 live through the internet this doesnt seem to work for me.

I'm really wanting to use a transistor radio to see if i can pick up any channels the most but thanks for all the tips

Tigger-459388 1258324561

A transistor radio n Burgundy. Hmmm! An expensive "transistor radio" (for want of a better expression) may work, through the world service via short wave but not through radio 5.

Suggestion: Use your computer, or get involved in French sport.

Giles-461529 1258393008

By coincidence I read a posting on Normandy Anglo info from someone who receives English radio via his iphone he says you need an app for internet radio box this would seem to cover your mobility issue.

Anny-461461 1258395613

In case this correspondence is still continuing, I get radio 4 very well on an ordinary Roberts tranny west of Dijon - until the street light outside the house comes on. But still good for cricket.

gilberto-460447 1258400636

Wow thanks Anny,Im also west of Dijon, but cant get radio 4 or TMS, ill have to invest in a better transistor.What relevance do you think the street light plays?

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