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Hi having recently moved to the Sens area I was wondering if there are any English speaking ex pat groups in the area, I can't seem to find anything online. anything or kind of groups from sport to a chat and a glass of wine welcomed!


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The trouble with most of the areas in France is that they are so large.  I have a house in 89, however, it's on the borders of 58, therefore hours from Sens.  By the way and just for your information, we bought in Burgundy because there are not as many Brits as in Normandy, Brittany, the Dordogne, Limousin etc. etc, which pleases us; therefore, it may be a bit harder to find English-speaking groups.  That written, I'm sure that they exist.  Good luck!

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I know your message is a year old but I'm near Sens!! Just arrived.

I'd love to meet up with someone and have a friend!

are you still on here?

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Thank goodness you mentioned the age of the post as I was having a case of deja vu in both senses !

I do not know if there are many expats near or in Sens,but having not picked up much work over the years in that area,I would guess that here are not vast amounts like other areas that Tigger mentioned.

You could go to the Cinema in town and see if they V 0 (version original) films and you could bump into a few english speakers there,or alternatively Brits tend not to do the two hour lunch break and many can be found profitting from the quietness of the supermarkets during the lunchtime period. Not all supermarkets stay open at lunch time,but am quite sure that there were a couple of large ones in Sens that do.

No doubt it wont be long before you get introduced to other english speaking in the area,until then practice your french and get out and enjoy some of the richness of french social life and culture. It does not take too long before youu can converse in a new language as long as you really want to.

Bonne chance xx

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Re-reading the last message I wrote,it would appear that it is my english I need to practise ;-)

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I went to the village library last week and they have very kindly put me in touch with a retired primary school teacher who wanted to practise her English. So I met her today.

I'm going to try Zumba on Wednesday evening in Maillot. So maybe make some friends there over the next few weeks.

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What work do you do?

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Hi Sally,zumba sounds a good fun way to meet people and a bit of excercise at the same time,sounds like a good idea.

I do gardening,landscaping and dry stone walling all over the country whilst travelling around in the flying dragon (my camper) with my four legged best friend cockney the wonderdog. I can work about two to three months a year and live fairly comfortably for the rest of the year due to low overheads. This gives me 9 months a year to travel around beautiful places and get in lots of nice walks surrounded by France's great fauna and flora.

Let us now how you get on.

Maybe catch up with you one day for a glass of something local :-)

Jamie x

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