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Hi, Can anybody advise about the dish size I will need south of Avallon in order to get Freesat?  I believe it's a standard 60cm but want to check before I buy.  Thanks


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I live in Vezelay have a standard dish approx 60 to 80cm have great reception all the BBC & ITV channels.

Welcome to area.

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Thats good to know,as I have treeted myself to a satellite system for the flying dragon ( my red and white camper) and the dish is 65cms diametre. This works beautifully in brittany and I was wondering if it would be ok in sunny bourgogne,so thank you Wozza for this info,and thank you crg333 for asking the question.

Love,light and good receptions for the six nations :-)

Jamie xx

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Itinerant child

Glad you found this helpful. You’ll find your dish will work perfectly well in this sunny & at the moment snowy rainy climate of Burgundy..

Also if you’re flying around my neck of the Morvan in your Dragon during the 6N pop round & sing a few Hymns and arias during what's going to be an interesting few matches. Dewch ar Loegr


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Thank you kindly Wozza,though I think that you made a slight mistake in your welsh there,as the last word should of been cymru ;-) xx

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itinerant  child

Ha nice try... Allez le XV de la Rose. Converted. :-)

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Thanks for the info.  Do you have a dual LNB for Freesat? If so can you recommend a make and model and the best place to buy it?

Thanks for the welcome. I look forward to the sun arriving as well!

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I have a single LNB, I pick-up quite a few satellites, enough for all the BBC & ITV tv & radio channels I like watching or listening to.

I have a bog standard Optex set up, bought as a kit at Casto’ in Paris, all for +/- 80 – 100€. Installed it myself.

As for best place to buy, sorry can’t help, but try Weldom or I think there’s a shop on the rue de Lyon in Avallon, or Brico shops in Clamey or Auxerre. 

If you want to watch BBC I player UK etc, on your computer you can  easily & freely change your ip address for a UK one.

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Hi & Welcome

 Try the Brico shop on the N6 Auxerre to Avallon just out of the La Cour Barrée going t'wards Avallon.

 I agree with Wozza89.  Dewch ar Loegr = Allez le XV de la Rose = Come on England. Yeh!  So 0-7. IC.

All humor aside, this will be one hell of a match… England with many injuries, have depth in the squad. Good time to blood or again, back players that have gained precious experience @ club / European level. England will play as a solid team, though keeping to the basics, defense will be the defining strategy  & if opportunity arises, let’m have it.  

Wales, have the advantage of playing at home (not to be under estimated) will also put up their best team, something not seen for a few years due to injuries. Albeit Jonathan Davies has a small injury, but is expected to play. & what a team it is !

 Dewch ar cymru, dewch ar loegr! Here’s to next Friday & a good game.

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I bought a portable easy find system for watching the rugby in the comfort of the flying dragon (my van). This I bought via the net from the uk. It consisted of the 65CM dish with lnb with lights to let you know when you are facing the right direction,a box,a tripod and all the wires needed. Was about 150 squid.

I will be parked up on an industrial estate using my equipment on friday evening with the company of a good friend called saint emillion :-)

I hope that a great game sets the pace for a great tournament.

Cymru am byth xx

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LOL Jamie, I know Saint Emillion, and he's also a good friend of mine.  However, after the match you may want to invite Cremant de Bourgogne for a drink.


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Ha ha, cremant de bourgogne tends to visit me when I am in the region,and I look forward to seeing him on my return to the area. I just had a message from saint emillion and he says that he will be bringing his good friend monsieur sauccisson with him to help me enjoy the 6Nations. Oh,looks like I am in for a hard tournament.

I appologise to you crg333 for us hijacking your post with off post comments,but would advice that you get used to it,as between tigger,simon,myself and others,we do it all the time.

All the hairy breast

Jamie xx

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