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Hi all I was just wondering what the french or people in Burgundy do on haloween night.Is it a night they celebrate with kids trick or treating or are there any other happenings,Parties or customs.

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In our village all the children dress up and come round together (about 16 of them ranging from 2 up to 14) and we give them sweets or fruit. They are accompanied by some parents. You have to pretend to be a little frightened of them!

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Evening all,
The same pattern of events happens in our village and we have fore warning as there is a flyer in the post box and we have to hang something white on the gate to show that we are willing to have scary visitors. We always have a large bag of sweets for the children which I understand they all share out later.

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Thanks for the replies,it sounds like the traditions are same as uk.Didnt want us all to get dressed up for nothing!!!!

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