Lost 5 and sky 3

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Ive lost these two chanels overnight,is this because of the new cards or somthing thats broken? looks like im going to miss CSI and roadwars unless some bright spark can get them back for me!!!!


bartyb-461341 1253998569

Yes, it'll be a card issue...... especially if you were using a "dead" contract card...

Getting Five back is easy enough though it won't appear on the program guide ........ here's how you do it:

  • On the Sky box go to Services > System Setup > Add Channels
  • Enter the following details:

    • Frequency: 10773MHz (10.773GHz)
    • Polarity: Horizontal
    • Symbol rate: 22000 (22.0Mb)
    • FEC: 5/6

  • Go to Find Channels, highlight “Five″, and press the yellow button, then Select.
  • To view the channel go to Services > Other Channels, and select “Five″

  • Hope that helps

    Rosie-460843 1254048170

    Brilliant Barty thanks,at least i can watch CSI now.I take it theres no way to get sky 3 only with a new card?

    bartyb-461341 1254050730

    Sorry, you're right, Sky3, FiveUS and Fiver are card only

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