Open air ice rinks

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Hi, do any of the large towns in Burgundy have any open air ice rinks for the Christmas holidays as i know some towns in France have them. Thanks

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Fifi-459619 1257339743

Chalon sur saone ! has had one for the last 3 years. In the city centre with a market of xmas goodies. I recommend the 'vin chaud'.

Simon-460269 1257344363

Think most large towns have them and your right tigger about the vin chaud!!!

Fifi-459619 1257449009

Having just be mistaken for Tigger .....can I ask the question are you male or female ? generally I can work out the gender of the writer but not for Tigger

Simon-460269 1257519562

Sorry FiFi,just seen the mistake!!!!!!!

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