radio purchase advice required

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Hello I'd like to buy a portable radio that transmits programmes from England (mainly Radio 4). Preferably one that is both battery and mains driven.  Can anyone advise on the best one to purchase?  Thanks, Jean.


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If you're living in Burgundy, you may need to buy a short wave radio.  However and according to the time of day, you will need to re-tune it to get the best signal and it will rarely be great..

Why not just listen to radio 4 on your computer?  I would be lost without this.  See here:

Then, click on "Listen Live".  You should get a near to perfect sound.


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If you have a smart phone or tablet with a 3g or 4g conection you can down load one of the free app,'s (I can't give you the app I use as advertising is against AI reg's. Send me an e-mail & I'll give more details) and have all the BBC channels and stations even local ones. I listen to BBC radio 2 live on my I Phone whilst driving all over France. As for a portable transister radio, sorry can't help I afraid. 

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radio purchase advice required

To Tigger:

Thank you very much for your advice. I do have a computer and can listen to English radio, but I really would like to listen to a portable radio while cooking or gardening. Best regards, Ferdinand 2

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Why not just get a bluetooth speaker - there are many to chose from either online eg Amazon or from the big supermarkets eg Auchan, then just pair it with your computer (assuming it has bluetooth connectivity) and as long as you are in range, you can listen to the radio through the speaker from your computer. We have one paired with our iPads which runs on mains and on batteries so you can easily take it outside.

failing that, how about an internet radio? Orange sell one.

Ferdinand2 1394820152

To Pip from Ferdinand2

Thank you for your advice.  It certainly looks as if, in order to be flexible, I shall have to get an iPad and move a little bit more with the times! Thanks again. Ferdinand2. 

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Hi Ferdinand

I liked Pip's idea about an Internet radio, as I'd never heard of them.  I had a look on  I was pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive they appear to be.  However, they do seem to need to be within range of a wifi connection, your PC, or some let you plug in a suitable Internet phone.  See here:ÅMÅŽÕÑ&url=search-alias=electronics&field-keywords=internet radio&sprefix=internet+radio,aps,307

It's a long link but it will cut and paste :-)

Good luck

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 If you have sat tv you cna get a small transmitter to plug into the digibox. It sends out a radio signla so you can use any radio and tune it in to this signal. It  has a range problem though and will only work about 30 meters from the source.





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Everyone's being very unnecessarily technical.  A good 'transistor radio' (medieval term) with Long Wave will pick up Radio 4 - not always perfectly, but good enough for cricket in the garden.  Try a Roberts.

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I use the Tunein app on my SiPad and bluetooth to my Bose Airlink speaker. I did have a logitech squeezebox wifi radio but they discontinued the support platform.

Anything like that works just fine.

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Anny can be right, but certainly not always.  A long wave radio can and does pick up radio 4 but, as far south as Burgundy, it's a very chancy thing and quite annoying when you lose signal and you're really into a programme.

However and thanks to Angloinfo, so much information has been given that I'm sure Ferdinand will be able to make a decision.

Good luck!

Ferdinand2 1395224407

Thank  you everyone for your help and advice.  As I am an ancient techniphobe I shall have to wait and find a good fairy who can transcribe all the data supplied. Merci bien and good listening!

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