Xmas Eve

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Hi, were thinking of things to do with friends on christmas eve. A neighbour was telling me that restaurants all close on this day. Is this the case?

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simonarn 1260260969

some are open for the reveillon but that is very late, normal service is usually off the menu on the 24th. what about inviting your french neighbours to a game of Twister. That should be a laugh

Auxois 1260313847

Christmas Eve is the is the main day for the French celebrations and in the evening is when they have their main meal to celebrate.

In some households the meal starts in the evening, there is then a break for midnight mass before going back home for more food.


Jonnyboy-460264 1260356085

Made the mistake last year of going ice skating first and then trying for a meal at teatime, disaster everything shut even KFC!!!!! HAD A FROZEN PIZZA IN THE END. Take my advice eat at lunchtime xmas eve(unless u like pizza)

regards j

andie-461477 1260643324

NO PANIC - we will be open at Le-Soleil d'Or in Saint Marc Sur Seine.

Normal opening hours throughout Xmas and New Year, even open xmas day!

The only closing days will be Tuesday and Wednesday to continue with maintenance over the winter months :) open Sundays and Monday - i know outrageous in France.

Bar reopening at 10 am Sunday 20th December (under new ownership!!!!!!!!!), looking forward to welcoming everyone :)

Check out website: www.le-soleil-dor.eu

Bon Noel,


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