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Hi anyone know of any Country dance groups in Southern Burgundy? English speaking or French speaking will be great, thanks

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Hi looking for somewhere that sells display fireworks for an outdoor party arond the Chalon area of 71, anyone seen any? many thanks, will drive to other places too if any sightings! thanks

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Great selection of English language movies playing this week in all four of Burgundy's departments: http://burgundy.angloinfo.com/whatson/movies  Could be a good time to visit the cinema this week! Enjoy!  

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Ive unexpectedly got more time on my hands this new year so was hoping to find some charity work in the Cote d'Or area, pref in the Dijon Beaune areas. I speak passable French so think it will be a good idea to learn more. English speaking Charity groups would be fine though too! Thanks

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Hello all you Doctor Who fans out there, Does anyone know if and where we might be able to watch Season 7 of The Doctor on French TV? I read that France 4 has run Doctor Who in the past, but I can't seem to figure out the schedule. I used to be able to watch it on the Space Network website, but now our internet connection is too slow to stream very well, and the Space Network doesn't carry it at the moment. Any ideas you have would make a boy and his mother very very happy!Thanks,Lisa

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I am going to be quite busy over the next few months,so wont get back to the computer often,as I will be spending quite a lot of time on the road running from job to job,so here is another of my silly little ideas,that can make your time on the computer a little more fun.The rules of this game really are quite simple- someone writes down the name of a song and the group or person who sang it,then the next person through word association must link the next song and artist to the one before.example: YOU REALLY GOT ME-THE KINKScould be followed by: YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL-JOE COCKERand that by: HEY JOE-JIMI HENDRIX or HEY YOU-QUIREBOYS.As long as there is one word in your choice that matches a word in the previous posters choice,then all is well.I am sure that you will find it easy,well sometimes anyway !!Just give one song and artist,then wait until someone else has been,so you can follow.I will start you off with an easy one to follow,then its up to you.Give me all your loving - ZZ top

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Hi, we have friends coming in August who are very keen gardners. Please could you recommend any public gardens in the Yonne area 89 are worth a visit. Were near Auxerre so anywhere within an hours drive will be good. Thanks

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If it appeals I shall post a regular cryptic clue to keep you bamboozled during the day. Sometimes you will hate me for this but sometimes you will suddenly beam from ear to ear, probably on the train or in a supermarket or similar, as you arrive at the correct solution. So Kind of rabbit dealer goes out to get work (3-5) this one os especially with Jonnyboy in mind .

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Did anyone stay up to watch the end. I thought it was really fantastic. Started a bit slowly, but the climax along with Charles speech was truly memorable and makes me proud to be British.

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Hi are there any Diamond jubilee parties planned anywhere in the 21 area of Burgundy? We'd love to celebrate her 60 years in the office is anyone knows of any?

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Hi first time poster so go easy on me :-) We'd like to know more about river cruising holidays in Burgundy by anyone thats been on one or runs a company. We live in Cluny and are looking to book for August this summer. I don't know anything about how easy the boats are to navigate, or which way to go or how far you can get in 7 days? Would love to have a reputable company recommended or hear peoples experiences! Thanks

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Hi anyone know of any held by the British community in Burgundy? Thanks for any info!

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Hi Theres the movie Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close showing in Montbard tonight and My Week with Marilyn showing in Auxerre in English as well as lots of films showing at the usual places this week. If your near these venues it would be good to support them! as we'd love them to show more movies in English VO. Enjoy! Chris

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Hi can anyone confirm that the new Alesea museum opens this weekend? Im sure it does but can't remeber where i read it. Thanks

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Hi are there any English speaking Expat clubs around the Macon or Chalon areas? Id love to meet up with others in the area. Thanks

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Looking forward to my first visit this weekend! Im not sure what to expect, has anyone been before? Thanks

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Pretty good selection of English language movies to start the new year with this week in all four departments of Burgundy! Have a look for your nearest! English Language Movies For Burgundy Chris

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Hi we've got the hordes coming over this year with old and young alike. Can anyone recommend things to do or places to visit that you take visitors from the uk to? Thanks for any tip offs

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Hi there, are there any wine appreciation / discovery clubs that are English speaking anywhere in the Dijon Beaune or Route des Grand Crus areas?

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Do any of the towns in the 71 area have these as i thought its a tradition in France, didnt see any last year perhaps there may be some further a field in Burgundy? Thanks

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