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Bonsoir tout le monde.I thought that I would post this in case anyone is searching for a venue to watch the upcoming and quite likely highly entertaining match between les bleus and les dragons rouge.The bar in sermizelles has a wide screen tv and will be showing the match there at 10AM next saturday.Sermizelles is situated about 10 kms north of vezelay,or about 12kms north west of avallon on the side of the main road to auxerre.It will more than likely be a fairly quiet event (apart from me singing hymns and arias) with possibly a few of the villagers in attendance.If you cant make it here,and you know of somewhere else that will definately be showing it,then please post the details on here,as people may be closer to the venue you suggest.My condolences to Ireland and england who will both be on their way home tomorrow,and congratulations to france on a much improved performance,and as for walesDIOLCH YN FAWR,CYMRU AM BYTHJamie

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Anyone recommend any good ones not too far from Dijon who open in Winter? Thanks

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Has anyone been watching the Little England series on the telly? Is it like that in Burgundy? importing your sausages and meat? raising the flag to tell all the local chappies that the senior officer is in residence? Extolling all the virtues of being british to a bemused local village community? I sincerely hope not

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Hi. Looking for a nice place to take some visitors from the states wine tasting on the 'Route des Grand Crus' from Beaune to Dijon areas. Thanks

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Hi, just been going through the movie guide for this week and i notice theres a week of Hichcock films on in Dijon at Devosage. Just thought id let anyone interested know as im a fan!

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Has anyone been to this Theme park in Le Creusot? Were planning a trip there this Bank holiday Monday and wondered if its any good. Thanks for any replies.

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Anyone who wants a day out tommorow its Les fêtes de la Bague in Semur-en-Auxois which is a market and the worlds olderst horse race. Its a great day out if youve family or friends over from the UK. We went last year and it was great!

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Hi has anyone got the dates for the flower market at tamnay en bazois We think its this mth some time cheers THE HAPPYCHAPS

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Hello everyone We are moving to Montpon fairly soon and we are just looking for recommendations of nice places to eat and go and see. We love to walk and love the countryside and also like the water. The area is new to us and we are just looking for general advice. We will be within 30 mins of Bergerac and about an hour to Bordeaux. Where we live at the moment they do lovely set lunches and not sure if they do the same there?? All advice would be greatly appreciated.Many thanks

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Hi Im wanting a troupe ( Is that the correct term?) of morris dancers for an event were planning in the Summer. Are there any groups here in Burgundy? or France? Im not sure where to start looking so if anyone know s of any id be grateful. Thanks

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Hi, Good choice this week with the new Matt Damon movie ' The Adjustment Bureau' & 'The Kings Speech' playing in Auxerre. Burgundy Movies Enjoy! Chris

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Hi does anyone know the date for the annual craft fair at Quarré-les-Tombes? Thanks

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Hi when do the large chateaux in Burgundy open for the spring/summer. Do any stay open for the winter? Thanks

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I am looking for information on craft fairs/markets in the Burgundy area.

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Is there a casino in the Dijon area as weve got some golfers visiting who want a trip there. If there is one is it any good. Thanks

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Singles in France (SIF) Having become single myself, I thought it would be a good idea to try to join together as many people as possible, we can discuss and plan evenings out or events, All ages welcome, It's on face book so no fee's or charges and advertising isn’t allowed, a completely voluntary group of people having fun, you don’t have to be single but it is tilting in that way, all I ask is that you live in France and you make friends with me for admin reasons only, but you don‘t even have to do that if you not want to, Our membership is growing to all parts of France and we also have a map to show where we all are, it is only a guide so exact locations will never show. Also your other friends won’t know you are part of the group unless you tell them. It’s a good way of making friends in France that are like you. In the search window in face book type this: Singles in France And click the join button. If this not work, do the following: Log into your face book account first then Copy this, and paste into internet explorer where you have https:// etc http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_169211149761109&ap=1#!/home.php?sk=group_169211149761109&ap=1 Then click the join button Hope to see you soon.

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Hi to all, for those of us who enjoy christmas concerts ive just looked in the whats on guide on AI and found that the arsys choir are doing christmas concerts all over Burgundy. If you get chance you should see them as they are very good and will give you the festive cheer. (ive seen them 3 times) http://www.arsysbourgogne.com/agenda/default.html

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Wow just seen that Saw 3D seems to be in English at Beaune, this seems great for English speaking movie fans like me!!!

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Hi does anyone know when the Christmas markets start, as the car boots have dried up. Need to get into the jolly spirit!!

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Hi, just thought id remind anyone that may be into Jazz that the Nevers festival starts tommorow which is a great series of concerts around Nevers in the bars and theatres and even some outside. Worth a trip if your close!!!

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