started by: jb-461068 · last update: 1288277384 · posted: 1288277384

Hi are any bars, clubs, associations etc etc having a bonfire this year? failing that do any shops sell fireworks?

started by: thelavenderlads · last update: 1287831221 · posted: 1287770935

We are a gay male couple aged 46 & 52 who moved to France just outside Autun 5 mths ago and are looking to meet other gay guys for drinks chats and maybe show us the local sights as we have been busy doing up our house & garden which is more like a jungle we have not had any time to explore this lovely area, drop us a line PETE & MARTIN thelavenderlads@hotmail.com

started by: Tanya-460707 · last update: 1287319470 · posted: 1287144538

Hi does anyone know if anyone can turn up for the actual wine auction or do you have to buy tickets etc? Any help appreciated. Thanks

started by: Trixie-460630 · last update: 1284657532 · posted: 1284643113

Just been reading about the new blogs on here and one name sprang to mind, Tigger!!!!!. How about a blog for all of us amateur foodies Tigger?

started by: bingo-461714 · last update: 1284643218 · posted: 1284557889

Great, isee from the movie guide that we have a film in English at Auxerre (Twelve). Hopefully lots of us Expats will make the effort to see it and then more may be shown if we support it!

started by: JudyM-461591 · last update: 1282223148 · posted: 1282212070

Is anyone coming along to the Family Day at Vougeot tomorrow afternoon? I'm working there on a trade stand, but I hope to sneak in a bit of wine tasting!

started by: Daisy-461147 · last update: 1281705581 · posted: 1274792626

Hi, Im trying to plan a Boating Holiday sailing into the Franche Comte and was wondering how many (on average and roughly) Km's a day is possible in a river boat or cruiser, not a narrow boat on the canals and rivers in Burgundy. Thanks

started by: migrik-461952 · last update: 1280835015 · posted: 1280835015

Dobro , Guitar player and singer would like to join a Bluegrass or Country band.etc. www.dobromatt.com Mike Matt

started by: oldagetraveller · last update: 1278779550 · posted: 1270648934

SUNDAY 25 July 2010 Salle des Fetes, VIRY (71) From 1500 to 1800hrs Advance notice of our annual Tea Party We are a group of International ex pats. Swiss, Dutch, Belgian, Brits American Danish, French. All living in the Charollais/Brionnais. Funds raised for the local community. Real English afternoon tea. Real china! Cucumber sanwiches served by 'Nippies' in correct uniform etc etc. Palm Court orchestra and Morrismen from UK.

started by: topcat-461220 · last update: 1277396985 · posted: 1277396985

Ive got a trip planned to Auxerre in a couple of weeks for a few days which is work related. I wonder if anyone knows of any good restaurants or things to do that we shouldn't miss while were there. Thanks

started by: ali bongo-461715 · last update: 1275906895 · posted: 1275734704

Hi, Dont suppose there are any English 'friendly' Bars or pubs to watch the England games with other Expat Fans are there anywhere?

started by: Kaisar · last update: 1275561613 · posted: 1275393895

Bit of a long shot maybe (no pun intended) but does anyone know of any archery clubs in Burgundy?

started by: bunny-461708 · last update: 1274801233 · posted: 1274195307

Also can anyone recommend musicians to play at a private function this Summer, anything considered. Many thanks

started by: jb-461068 · last update: 1274286195 · posted: 1273665091

Hi, as we prepare for the deluge of friends and family to arrive i wondered where other people took their 'guests' for days out in 71. Any advice welcomed!!!

started by: Tanya-460707 · last update: 1273573648 · posted: 1273573648

Hi, I seem to remeber someone telling me that there was quite a good theme park somewhere in Southern Burgundy. I wonder if someone knows of this and if its any good or not. Thanks Tan

started by: Richard-460855 · last update: 1272284520 · posted: 1272115033

Hi, Does anyone have any info as to when and if Magny Cours will hold a Formula 1 race again if ever as it seems such a shame no to utilise the track. Probably boils down to money or lack of it.

started by: Hankleyank · last update: 1270037559 · posted: 1270037559

Hi, Guys Just been looking in the movie listings, and the new Alice film is on in English in Chalon, thats got to be worth a trip with the kids, right? Hope its on in 3D!!!!!

started by: family Towned · last update: 1268499979 · posted: 1268499979

Hi, I notice from this sites whats on guide that theres a fete du cremant on next saturday North of Dijon. Has anyone been to this before and is it a good day out. Thanks

started by: Tom-460251 · last update: 1268414523 · posted: 1268068845

Does anyone know when the one at Toisson D'or is open as it seems to have been closed all winter which is strange in itself. We have family coming over at Easter so i would like to know if it will be open then. Thanks

started by: lady godiva-460413 · last update: 1267780771 · posted: 1267709906

On a lighter note does anyone know when the chateaux open for the Summer as we have guests coming for Easter. Thanks

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