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Hi, has anyone seen this film as i fancy going to see it. I notice form this sites movie guide its on in Dijon which is a 3 hour round trip so is it worth it?

started by: Rosie-460843 · last update: 1264063371 · posted: 1264022321

Hi, just been looking in the film guide on this site and there seems to be quite a few this week in most places and at big cinemas which is rare, is this a one off festival perhaps? Also im presuming that VO means in English with no subtitles as these drive me crazy! am i right?

started by: family Towned · last update: 1262878004 · posted: 1262687461

Someone was telling me about this and i think they said its in Feb, has anyone any more details and is it worth visiting as we could do with a pick up in the early months

started by: family Towned · last update: 1260643324 · posted: 1260201093

Hi, were thinking of things to do with friends on christmas eve. A neighbour was telling me that restaurants all close on this day. Is this the case?

started by: Trixie-460630 · last update: 1258742675 · posted: 1258623487

Has anybody come across a nice chateau to visit that stays open at this time of year for the visiting hordes that are coming in December, just thinking of things to do. Thanks

started by: meg-460271 · last update: 1258533376 · posted: 1257982038

Hi does anyone know of any up and coming largish marche de noel happening, must include papa noel himself!!! Thanks

started by: gilberto-460447 · last update: 1258400636 · posted: 1258020854

Hi, can anybody recieve any uk radio programmes in Burgundy,ie not via sky? Thanks

started by: family Towned · last update: 1258395266 · posted: 1257957294

Has anybody got any suggestions for days out when the deluge of Xmas guests arrive to suit all ages? Many thanks

started by: kitten-460256 · last update: 1258296791 · posted: 1258296791

My French neighbours are wanting to take me to a lotto evening.Has anybody been to one or can tell me a little about them as ive never heard of them before. Thanks

started by: family Towned · last update: 1257519562 · posted: 1257254597

Hi, do any of the large towns in Burgundy have any open air ice rinks for the Christmas holidays as i know some towns in France have them. Thanks

started by: Rosie-460843 · last update: 1257163841 · posted: 1256939122

Hi,Has the car boot season finished now for the winter as they seem to be scarce?If so when do they start up again.

started by: Tom-460251 · last update: 1256047503 · posted: 1256030414

Hi all,Does anybody know of any jazz clubs or nights in the area.Im starting to miss this pleasure as an avid fan.Anything will do am or pro

started by: Daisy-461147 · last update: 1255432353 · posted: 1251970381

Hi my uk keyboard has developed a fault so i need to replace.Is it possible to buy one locally or do i need to order one from uk and get it posted opver. Thanks

started by: family Towned · last update: 1255365959 · posted: 1255003751

Hi all I was just wondering what the french or people in Burgundy do on haloween night.Is it a night they celebrate with kids trick or treating or are there any other happenings,Parties or customs.

started by: topcat-461220 · last update: 1254143038 · posted: 1253787945

Has anyone any recommendations for a good general produce and livestock markets in Southern Burgundy.Thanks

started by: Rosie-460843 · last update: 1254050730 · posted: 1253965863

Ive lost these two chanels overnight,is this because of the new cards or somthing thats broken? looks like im going to miss CSI and roadwars unless some bright spark can get them back for me!!!!

started by: Hankleyank · last update: 1253902197 · posted: 1253899899

Hi,Has anyone any knowledge of any American clubs in this area. Many thanks Hank

started by: Simon-460269 · last update: 1252434786 · posted: 1252434786

Has anybody any recommendations for one of these suitable for a childs birthday party. Thanks

started by: Tom-460251 · last update: 1251638712 · posted: 1251638712

Hi Im sure this has been asked before but as the new season is under way does anybody know of a bar, English or French that shows prem football or uk sporting events.There must be one somewhere in Burgundy musn't there? Thanks

started by: Tom-460251 · last update: 1250589411 · posted: 1250341211

Hi does anyone know when there is a meeting in Cluny,a friend says a good day out but im struggling to find any info about it. Thanks in advance

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