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Hi does anyone know when there is a meeting in Cluny,a friend says a good day out but im struggling to find any info about it. Thanks in advance

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Hi after trouble free sky tv for 2 years weve just lost channel 5,can anyone shed any light on how to get it back?

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Hi Weve got my brother and his family visiting in a couple of weeks whose a bit of a wine buff.Can anyone recommend a wine tour in English around Dijon,Beaune area? Also if anybody has any recommendations for days out to show off this beautiful area i would be very grateful.

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Hi has anyone been to the water park at Quetigny next to the Cinema vert.I only noticed it the other day and wondered how it compared to the one at Toisson D'or which does seem a bit pricey. Regards j

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Can any one suggest an installer to put up a dish for my sky box? I am in nolay near chagny?

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We're on Orange at the moment with a subscription to France Telecom. It's way too expensive, we can't make it work wireless and every now and then it stops working all together and won't start again until it had been re-set. Oh and the umpteen chanels of TV that we get are all unwatched. We need to have the option of a phone line, but other than that, price and reliability will be the main points that we will be interested in. If anyone has experience of any providers other than Orange and can give any advice, I'll be very grateful to you.

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HI Does anyone know where this cinema is in Dijon as they seem to have a good selection of English films on but ive never been able to find it.Thanks

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Does anyone know how to get BBC iplayer or Sky player working over here in France? Both systems block overseas IP addresses so we can't watch in France! are there any techies who know how to bypass this?

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Hi. just been invited to our first aperatiffs with the neighbours in our small commune(scary)not sure what to take drinks wise or food etc.Is there a certain procedure to follow.Dont want to give brits a bad name or offend anyone.

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Hi Does anyone think that the cost of eating out in very average restaurants is getting very expensive.I dont mind paying for eating very good food coupled with excellent service,as this is aimed at very middle of the road cafe types where a very ordinary main course will set you back 15 euros for a chewy steak and chips.I read somewhere that the government is reducing tva on this type of food,so will this be passed on to the consumer.

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Does anyone have any further info on the Roman event in Autun this summer.A friend was telling me about it and it sounded great,sounde a bit like the shows we used to go to at puy du fou.

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Hi Right before i get slated,i love french food in all its forms,particularly burgundinian cuisine.I do however have a weakness for KFC chicken.Whilst driving into Dijon yesterday i saw a huge bill board for this,and nearly crashed trying to look at the address.Ive never seen one around Burgundy does anyone know of its location.Theres a bargain bucket in it for someone!!!! Regards j

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Good morning Has anyone read the new newspaper 'the french paper' is it any good,and where is it available.Thanks

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Hi we have friends and familly arriving soon and wondered if anyone could recommend a chateaux for wine tasting and tours etc(pref free!!)in dept 21 Dijon,Beaune areas. Heres hopeing

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Hi We live approx 40 mins east of Dijon,almost into Franche Comte.Ive never done the drive to Switzerland but would love to go.Where are the nice towns to visit(Mulhouse looks closest)how easy is the drive and the border crossing. Any advice will be most welcome

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hi does anyone have any reccomedations for a car boot tommorow as its a bank holiday.

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Hi Thanks to angloinfo's movie guide we had a very sleepless night last night after watching the terrifing 'Drag me to Hell' in Dijon which was fantastic and in English(but very scary!!!!).

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Hi All I need to locate a nightclub to cater for a group of 30 year olds who wish to celebrate a birthday on the 21st June which is a Sunday. Does anyone know of a club near Auxerre, they will be on a Hotel Barge moored near Clamecy but we can travel if necessary. Would appreciate any feedback or helpful advice either through the forum or by PM. Look forward to your replies. Best wishes Nigel Hanlon

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Hi looking for a nice place to eat and came across this place ' Abbye de la Bussiere' its located at Châteauneuf-en-Auxois in between Dijon and Beaune.Has anyone eaten there?and is it any good.I believe its owned by an English couple.

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hi weve got some friends coming over for a first visit next month and i want to dazzle them with some traditional meals from Burgundy,has anyone any ideas ? thanks

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