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Hi does anyone know of a service that transfers old format vhs and 8mm video tapes onto dvd or blu ray etc.Or maybe its a machine i need that will record for me sorry im abit of a technophobe!any help will be appreciated

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Has anyone any ideas what to do for a good day out this thursday as weve got the dreaded family over.quite tempted by the buddhist temple tour looks good.anyone any more ideas

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Does anyone know of a good cost effective way of designing and hosting a website.I know there are a lot of these services out there,just wondered if anyone could reccomend one. thanks

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Has anyone been here or knows anything about it,Think i read it was near Autun but i may be wrong.Is it open to the public? many thanks

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hi im spending a couple of days in auxerre next week (work related).has anyone any suggestions for restaurants or places to visit whilst im there,many thanks

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Managed to find the irish shop in Dijon last weekend.they have a great selection of english foods and beers,a little treat from home.

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hi has anyone been here before for night out?think its kind of a nightclub,concert venue place.also is it open during the day as it says its a cafe.sounds interesting.

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Hi weve got quite a few friends and family coming over this summer,so apart from the obvious(Dijon Beaune etc) Where do other people like to show off the area and what attractions prove a big hit, thanks

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hi after getting up at 7 am to take wife and friends to several vide greniers,and not having bought a thing,just wondered what treasures other people may have bought as im close to never getting out of bed again!!!!

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hi fancy going to see this film this week.has anyone seen it and can tell me if its any good as its a bit of a drive to Dijon (Dont want it wasted on rubbish film) many thanks

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hi everyone just noticed its st georges day,does anyone know of any events today?feeling a little patriotic

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Hi does anyone know how the new white sky cards that sky are replacing in the uk will effect those of us who view with the old blue ones watching freeview here in france many thanks

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going into Dijon this weekend to go to the cinema(devosage) to watch a film in English.what would round this trip off is a visit to an indian afterwards.ive only been into the centre a couple of times and never seen one,although the jamaican rum bar did look promising! anyone any knowledge of one? thanks

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hi what does it mean when a film says it in vo ? thanks

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hi has anyone been on the tour from the tourist info office in Dijon,looks great fun!!!

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hi everybody Has anyone visited the Parc Aquatic at Toison d'Or in Dijon.Whats it like and is it suitable for a pair of boistrous grandchildren 7 AND 9.Does anyone know how to get to it,as im not familiar yet with the city.It looks good for a day out as its part of a shopping centre for us oldies.Are there any other good shopping areas around Dijon. many thanks tom

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hi has anyone found the above anywhere around dijon or outlying towns.perhaps someone has set up a bookclub?thanks

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hi someone was telling me the other day about a very good irish bar in Autun,cant think what it was called but it came highly recommended.Has anyone any other details please as im dying for a good pint of the black stuff.

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hi has anyone any recomendations for good restaurants in 21,as weve got friends coming over soon and would like any advice. many thanks

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just been reading on this site about a kayak world championship in whats on in dijon, on lake kir.Is this the Dijon Plage or is it somewhere else entirely(probably having a blonde moment!!!)

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