started by: Beer Lover · last update: 1239732016 · posted: 1239732016

Hi ive just moved to the south of dijon with my family and was wondering where to go to meet other english people (bars would be a good bet). THANKS

started by: meg-460271 · last update: 1239454840 · posted: 1239454840

hi.does anyone know where i might find a pilates class or maybe yoga around cote dor.Maybe someone has some personal reccomendations. many thanks

started by: family Towned · last update: 1239400445 · posted: 1239288188

wow what a lovely day.can anyone recomend a nice man made one around the cotedor now the weather seems to be getting warmer.thanks

started by: meg-460271 · last update: 1238955510 · posted: 1238841938

hi,just read the besancon post and as its a little too far from me,i was wondering if there were any other zoos in burgundy? thanks in advance

started by: Jonnyboy-460264 · last update: 1237999746 · posted: 1237670146

I changed to Neuf from France Telecom and I have just received another bill from FT for line rental since I changed over. Have I got this completely wrong or does Neuf supply the telephone line service and not just the calls? Or am I to continue to pay line rental to FT? I was quite sure that once I had a contract with Neuf for internet and calls (and television) that bills from this company were all I would receive. thanks

started by: Tom-460251 · last update: 1237849430 · posted: 1237849430

hello is there an english language radio program here in burgundy?has anyone found it? thanks

started by: Simon-460269 · last update: 1237843543 · posted: 1237026609

hi all having just moved a few weeks ago to the cote dor,im starting to miss a little bit of england.does anyone have any recommendations for a tea room or shops etc. thanks

started by: kitten-460256 · last update: 1237226760 · posted: 1237027713

Just wondered if anyone else was experiencing problems receiving their magazine subscriptions from the UK. My magazine use to arrive a couple of days after it had gone on sale in the UK, but I seem to get it three weeks late now. I have spoken to the supplier and to DHL Global Mail who dispatch the magazine and they assure me that it is still going out at the same time and via the same way - just wondered if it was this end........... Be interested to hear from anyone with the same problem

started by: Simon-460269 · last update: 1236877169 · posted: 1236877169

hi just wondered if anyone has any ideas for entertaining mums on mothers day around dijon area

started by: kitten-460256 · last update: 1236628129 · posted: 1236628129

Hi does anyone know if there is a way to watch the tv i players in france as it seems to always come up you are not in uk and blocks me watching very anoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

started by: Tom-460251 · last update: 1236600167 · posted: 1236517024

Hi does anyone have any reccomendations for restauants in Dijon,as we have family and friends arriving very soon and im very new to this area. thanks in advance

started by: LMiles · last update: 1229774680 · posted: 1229626361

Bowling alleys in Burgundy? Are there any?

started by: georgie80 · last update: 1229728052 · posted: 1229728052

Has anyone been to the Erro exhibtion at Le Creusot? It's a bit far for me to go but looks pretty interesting. Anyone have a short review they could post?

started by: JJ71 · last update: 1229085215 · posted: 1229085215

Is anyone going to the jazz festival this weekend in Beaune? Interested in meeting up?

started by: earthfesti-459572 · last update: 1227883661 · posted: 1227020701

Hello Burgundy Our Association is looking to put on a 3 day festival next summer. We are very organised and have plenty of experience in putting on events. We are looking to rent land for the event. The festival will combine all kinds of music and will aim to be as enviorenmentally friendly as possible, promoting sustainable living and being family friendly. The land needs to be accessible, not too remote but remote enough not to disturb too many neighbours.Something in the region of 5 hectares, to allow for car parking and camping. If you have or know of anyone that maybe interested in helping us, please email me directly and I will get back to you. Thanks in advance.

started by: JJ71 · last update: 1227440223 · posted: 1227440174

Has anyone been to the Jacob Holdt: American Picture show? What did you think?

started by: franceandback · last update: 1225922200 · posted: 1225922200

I'm heading on over to the Dijon Food Festival this weekend. Anyone recommend a particual stall/vendor I should visit? It's my first time visting this festival. ~living the good life~

started by: John Beckett · last update: 1225893694 · posted: 1225844430

I realise of course that the French do not celebrate Bonfire night - but does anyone know of any events that may correspond?

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Hi, does anyone fancy a DVD exchange? We could mail the DVD's back and forth or if we happen to live close drop off and collect. I've a good selection, i always pick upa few new ones whenever i go back to blighty. For example, the first three series of the sopranos, Ugly betty series 1&2, Lost 1&2, 1st series Prison Break, All 8 seies of Seinfeld... etc the list is long... if you interested let me know.

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Hello, British televisions dont seem to work in France! Does anyone have an understandable explaination for why this is. I've read alittle on the subject around the web... but its all a little jargony!! Its justa point of interest for ,me really, i've just bought a new flat screen french tv!

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