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what does everyone buy when selecting affordable Burgundy wines? I'm looking for something under 10-12 euros. obamamama

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We're taking (or planning to take) the grandparents out to dinner, with our two kids (age 2 and 7) and are looking for a family-friendly restaurant in or around Bourbon-Lancy. I've walked past a couple pizzeria-type places but I haven't seen any kids in them, it's hard to tell whether staff will be sympathetic. We've had a couple bad experiences with staff being rude, other customers making comments (huffing and puffing really) when we've taken our two boys, who aren't more boisterous then other little children, to restaurants, so now we are quite wary. Any suggestions would be great.

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Hi, does anyone know if its possible to get English television in France, and if so how? I understand that it is sometimes possible in northern France because parts fall within the footprint of the British satellite signals... but the same cant be said for Burgundy! Hopefully, John

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Hoping some other expats feel the same way....I've been to about 4 or 5 wine tastings in Burgundy, mostly near Beaune and I loved the whole experience - learning about the wine, visiting the cellars etc...but I've always been accompanied by French friends (or rather acquaintances/neighbours who have been kind enough to show us around a bit). We have some English friends comiong to visit who would really like to try out some 'real' Burgundian wine. I would love to take them on some wine tastings myself but frankly feel like I'll turn into a bumbling idiot, forget the little French that I do know and make a mess of the whole thing. So anyone else have experience of wine tasting with limited French and knowledge of wine for that matter? Have any producers been totally unwelcoming? Any bilingual producers that you would recommend?

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Has anyone been to the cattle market in St Christophe en brionnais on Wednesdays? Or is it really something that is meant for cattle farmers?

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Can anyone recommend a good hotel in Beaune where we can visit some of the local vineyards?

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Does anybody know if any local movie theatre in the Soane et Loire area shows movies in English (Version Original?) They mostly do in Paris, but for some reason, most of the theatres I 've seen only show them in dubbed French (Version Francaise.) Thanks, Alex

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