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Hi,my family and I are moving to Dijon and want to put our 4 year old son in kindergarten a couple of days a week. We are trying to learn French but come from Australia so we are not confident hence looking for a kinder that speaks English so our little boy can make some friends. Does anyone know of any English speaking kindergartens in Dijon?kieran 

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Hello! We just moved here in August 2016 from 18 years in Canada (Montreal) although I'm originally from France (Lyon). We hardly know anyone here! We have 3 English/French bilingual children (12, 10 and 6) and we would love to meet other families with English speaking children.Cheers

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Hello everyone, I'm looking for a native English speaking baby sitter around the Macon. Please contact me if interested or know anyone thanks

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Before you say anything I did try to place an ad but the system wouldnt let me. Were looking for someone to mind the boys (twins as you know) before/ after school and more time during holidays.Min 20 hours per week. Previous experience and a driving licence essential.Cluny area in the deep south.

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Hello, I'm looking for an English speaking nanny in Dijon for my son aged  17 months for one day a week.

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Does anyone know how I would find out about "mum's & tots" groups in the Beaune area? Or how to network with other mothers of little ones? It would be nice for our baby girl to interact with other little people..! thank you

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Hello We have just moved near Beaune and our 12 year old daughter (well, nearly 12!), would love to meet with some  English speaking kids.   Plese let us know if there are any Anglo speaking activities going on in or near Beaune, and  if not then perhaps we can organise something? We are new to the area and my daughter speaks very little French, but she is learning, so any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you all. Sara.

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We are likely to be moving to Dijon in mid 2015 -although this seems a long time away will probably roll up at great speed. We have 2 children and are looking for schools (one Ecole and one College) - can anyone recommend any for essentially non-French speakers (although starting lessons in Jan). Also any pitfalls and pointers would be gratefully received. Many thanks in advance

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Hi.. first year in France for Halloween... do the children call around to houses for sweets etc ???  Not sure of local traditiions as yet..and would hate to let the kids trick or treat if not done by others! Thanks

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Hi has anyone visited the newly opened Alesia museum yet? Were thinking of taking the kids this weekend and just wondered if it was any good or wether the kids will be bored and it ending up a waste of money! Thanks for any reviews! regards j

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Hi everyone,  My girlfriend and her kids are planning to move to Dijon soon. The kids (5 and 7) are bi-national (french and canadian) and speak english fluently. In their hometown (near Geneva), they are currently involved in a english-speaking playgroup which teaches them litteracy and we are looking for the same kind of activity near Dijon. Do you know if there is a similar activity / playgroup in Dijon or nearby? Or do you know someone (which a teaching experience or degree in english) who would be willing to give them some kind of personal tutoring or private lessons. Thank you for your answer. Fabrice.

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Hi can anyone recommend any good days out i can enjoy with the grandchildren this summer that maybe i dont know about yet? We live in Southern Burgundy but willing to travel to good ones. Thanks in advance

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Hi, has any other parents or anyone else for that matter experienced racism whilst living here in France. I ask as my two boys are been bullied to the extent of racial name calling at school ie 'why dont you go back to your own country' and continually called 'roast beef' or just nasty comments about the UK. Ive been to see the teacher who basically just said kids will be kids but i find this un acceptable and racist. We work here and pay all our taxes and do everything legally as others do in the EU. How have other parents got round this? Thanks for any help!!

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My family and I will be heading to the Dijon area in about a month, and we'll be staying for a year assuming our visas are approved (!!)My 12-year old son has been studying electric guitar for 3 years, and would like to move to acoustic. Unlike me, he speaks French quite well.Can anyone suggest where we'd start looking for someone who gives guitar lessons? I figured we'd go to a music store when we arrive in August and ask around, but I thought someone here may have additional suggestions. If it's anything like where we live now, regular lessons start in September, but if you're not signed up by June, you might not get in. When we visited last fall, it seemed every second person was carrying a musical instrument, so I'm optimistic about finding a good instructor.Thanks in advance for your advice.

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Hi, I'm looking for a mobile creche/childcare service for a wedding I'm organizing in Charette-Varennes (71). Any information on services of this sort, with English-speaking childcare providers (ideally) would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi going to some Lycee open days tomorrow in Dijon and as my son will be sleeping over i was wondering what the towns like for teens from a safety aspect. Does anyone else have kids at Lycee in the town and can put my mind at rest. Thanks

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I was excited to find your website, with lots of sensible information, and a great network of people. I know I’ll be pouring over the site more in the future. My husband, 11-yr old son, and I are researching spending a sabbatical year in the Dijon area. If we get the logistics worked out (Visas, University CIEF applications, etc.), we’d like to live there during the 2012-13 school year. My son, who will be 12-13 years when we visit, goes to French immersion school here in Canada, but we’d like to find a good fit, school-wise. I have been looking at the websites of the various Colleges in Dijon, and it looks like the College Clos de Pouilly has a classe d’accueil, which seems to be for newcomers and international students. I haven’t yet found information about other schools or programs at the College level for international students. Although his teacher assures me that my son’s level of French is good, we live in the English part of Canada, and my husband and I speak very little French. We realize that living and going to school completely in French will be a huge adjustment, let alone getting used to a larger, "middle school" type approach, and the French style of education. He currently attends a smaller school, e.g. class size of 22, with perhaps 200 students from Kindergarten to Grade 8. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on finding a College that may have experience with students from other places? Is the classe d’accueil at the College Clos de Pouilly typical of other Colleges in Dijon, or is this the college where newcomers seem to be placed? Thanks in advance for your tips, Lisa p.s. We visited Dijon in November 2011, and we loved the area, despite being constantly lost and on detours because of all the road works ☺. Our son ended up doing a lot of translation (DH & I are Anglo-Canadians with only basic French), and I think he’ll settle in OK, but this can be a difficult age, and we want to make it as easy as possible.

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Anyone know any good places for little ones to meet him? Thanks in advance

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Is there an Ofsted equivalent to assess schools in France? If so, I'd welcome any links to websites / info so I can find out more about schools in Burgundy, Thanks.

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Did not want to hijack Busybee's similar topic but the grandchildren are coming in a week or two and I would really welcome any ideas for places to take them. They are a girl of 3 and a bit and a boy of 6 and a bit and we are in 71 Saone et Loire. Many thanks

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