New in Dijon with 3 kids

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Hello! We just moved here in August 2016 from 18 years in Canada (Montreal) although I'm originally from France (Lyon). We hardly know anyone here! We have 3 English/French bilingual children (12, 10 and 6) and we would love to meet other families with English speaking children.Cheers

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Maybe pop to the AVF in Dijon which is a government run service for new international arrivals in town who may be able to point inthe right direction of other English speaking families. Sadly Dijon doesn't have a huge population of International English speakers but good luck!

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Thank you! We'll look into it.

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Burgundy-Belle-868307  You write, "Sadly Dijon doesn't have a huge population of International English speakers ...."  Let's remember that we are in France, there's nothing sad about it.  Sorry, but I see no problem in learning the French language if one wants to live, or spend, some time, in France.  Let's not, please, fit in with the American stereotype.

Burgundy-Belle-868307 1475855280

Hiyas T i double Grrrr errrr 

Apologies for any offense caused by my 'sad' comment which wasn't general but merely a liking to mix with people from my own country at times to cure the home sick bug I get as Im sure others do too, of course were in France and should attempt the lingo and integrate as best One can but its nice for me to spend moments with other Ex pats for obvious reasons,,so sad there are not many in these parts,,,,I didn't choose France per se as my husband's job brought us here so I think thats fair right?,,,,Not sure about your American stereo type could be but I pay  no mind to that but offers you the warmest of smiles to compensate! Have a wonderful day!

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Hi Prisca, We also moved to Dijon in August (from Australia) with three kids (4, 7 (almost 8) and 10). Our french is basic and it has been a little tough for the children fitting in at school and socialising. Like you we would like to meet other english speaking families with children. We live in the centre ville and would love to meet up sometime.



Prisca-Fenoglio-871158 1478430172

Hi Ben-Dijon that sounds like fun! Sure, let's meet up some day. We also live in the centre-ville so it should be easy. You can contact me at if you'd like, it'll be easier to arrange something. Have a nice Sunday!


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Hi Burgundy Belle.  No offence taken, or given, I really hope.  Please allow me to explain.  I know people who have lived in France for over 20 years and they do not speak French.  To me that is an insult to the French, and also just plain lazy.  This is even more important because Americans and Brits would not be able to help anyone who walked into a shop/cafe etc and said, " Je suis désolé, mais je ne parle pas anglais, parle français avec moi, s'il vous plaît"; however, the French deal with this all day and every day.  Furthermore and as I am not homesick for the U.K (especially after Brexit), I probably did not give enough understanding to your comment.  I do, most sincerely, apologise.

simonarn 1491202086

Where is the post of 5 days ago? was it deleted?

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Firstly Burgundy belle,may I wish you luck in finding company for your family in Dijon,I hope that you find a life better than what you had hoped for :-)

Secondly,I have to agree with tigger on his thoughts about the insult towards the french and also hope that you were not insulted by his comments as they were obviously not intentionally insulting.

It is always nice to meet up with other folk that chat in english,but it should never take first place over trying to communicate in french as it is the language of the locals.

I have a couple of female french friends with children and a child respectively through  english speaking fathers who live in Dijon and I shall send them both text messages to let them aware of this message.Maybe they will get in touch with you.

Amour et lumiere

Jamie xx

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